This year’s Cannabis Cup debuted the new dab logo for the 420Nurses, created by a 420Nurse, as the nurses worked various booths including Vader Extracts.

Cannabis cup summer and chacha at vader extracts booth 2015

It wasn’t just the Vader booth that had 420Nurses in attendance to promote and participate in product presentation.

Cannabis Cup 420nurses Globwife and Lucky Lou in med section 2015

The line-up of cannabis cuties, aka the 420Nurses, was all around in the expansive medicate/vendor area.

Cannabis cup 420nurses day pose with greenwolf product

Here we see Denver relocate, Lexi Leggo 2nd left, sporting the new 420Nurses dab logo design with the LA crew.

Cannabis cup 420nurses during cup photoshoot

Before long, the new logo created by a 420Nurse was a stand-out hit, like a dab from Darth himself.

Cannabis cup 420nurses sport the new logo

Thousands and thousands attended the High Times Cannabis Cup and many enjoyed the live music sets.

Cannabis cup looking out at crowd from stage 2015

Backstage, nurses of a feather flock and frolic together, a sisterhood of One Love, all caring.

Cannabis cup backstage with 420nurse volunteers

Everyone’s favorite cover girl made another cover as the Vader booth was train-station busy all weekend long.

Cannabis cup high times cover with Chacha

Wherever they were, 420Nurses were appreciated for their fresh honest approach toward God’s greatest green gift.

Cannabis cup with 420nurse worker

Then it was time to say adieu until next year. Many new friends made, old friends renewed, and cannabis consumed.

Cannabis cup 420nurses gather after show has closed and midway empty

PT Rothschild

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