From the time I first went to LA’s NORML meeting, I had a hidden agenda. Masquerading as an activist, my true aim is anarchy.

As anyone who attended an Occupy site knows, the various activist causes being fought for are all against the same mindset, the same morality, and many of the same companies. With or without politics, we are all in a fight for our rights, our lives, our health, our kids, and even our souls. It makes more than common sense to join one activist cause to another. That doubles the awareness of both.

So it was, when coming to the NORML meetings and later being on the 420nurses blog and in the NEWS, that I sought to join the food fight with the pot fight.

The pot side was no problem and some nurses were already hip, so acceptance of food news was no problem. On the flip side however, the same can’t be said. We say it is a stigma, and perhaps it is, but there is something. Plus food is more universal than cannabis, straight up.

To be honest, the food cause happened first and weed smoking was on the downlow. It wasn’t necessarily frowned on but it wasn’t part of the conversation. However, once the label people lost at the polls, the time was ripe to reveal GMO pot. Because it was predicted in my book and my book is about pot and cannabis politics, the weed introduction into the general political stream of GMO chatter was seamless.

Still, dropping a comment here, plugging a comment there, is a hit or miss kind of thing. It’s similar to sending a message in a bottle. You wonder, is the message getting out there. After all, the noGMO language had made it into the CCHI camp.

Whether or not I personally had anything to do with it, or it was Divine Intervention; maybe too it was just common sense, but I wanted to share this with all my NEWS and 420nurses readers:

cannabis can treat poster

See where it is from – ED

PT Rothschild

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