How cannabis welds The Imaginary [magic], The Real [establishment law] and The Tenth Commandment together – PT Rothschild

“In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.”

These simple words set forth the third dimension matrix boundaries at The Imaginary, The Symbolic, and The Real. Most of our being falls into one of these categories like, ‘make-believe’, religious symbolism, and real estate.

420 and cross joint

However, there are a few things in life that intersect all 3 planes of existence. Today we’ll talk about how cannabis crosses and then unites the 3 into a point of force. As Jedi Jrs, this is a force to learn about, hinted at in the House Calls story about synchronicity.

When I wrote Memoirs, I was still someone who coveted cannabis. The sack I had always seemed like the last sack I might ever have. Scarcity and being illegal under prohibition were probably the main factors, but not the only reasons as cannabis has a certain ‘gold fever’ tendency to it. When I got my medical rec, all that seemed to change and I had a paradigm shift. No longer did I squirrel some nug to smoke clandestinely with other ‘illegal stoners’ when I went out. I was free of green gold fever and I hadn’t even known I was sick.

Sadly that isn’t the case for these two current examples, WeedMaps and CaviCones. As a prime mover in the cannabis convenience market, no one stands out more than OC start-up WeedMaps. Founded on the premise to help medical patients find the closest clinic, dispensary, or delivery service for a nominal client fee, everyone had a stoney warm and fuzzy. Then Colorado went legit and suddenly Weedmaps baled and moved to Denver with the DPA. Now WM rakes in the dough, charging thousands a month to clients for prime spot placement, legal or medical, and it makes NO DIFF. Even worse, in the last election concerning MMJ bans in Santa Ana, WeedMaps covertly met with the anti-MMJ city council to undermine the local NORML efforts on behalf of profits, not patients. At press time, news of this treachery still hadn’t reached many outside the real activists for patients’ rights.


Worse yet is the case of Cavi-Cones, a product reviewed and promoted by the 420Nurses among others. Because of the quasi-legal status of anything connected with cannabis as a business, the whole culture business-wise exists like an oasis, real and imaginary. The loophole allowed former Cavi employees to travel to Washington State where pot and pot businesses enjoy a legal state of being, and file the name Cavi-Cones as their own invention/business, stealing it from the actual owners who created the brand and name.

When pot was illegal and underground, there was a certain code of ethics ‘stoners’, real stoners had and it didn’t make a diff if you were the same color or in the same demo. After you got your weed, you would prize what you had. Now that pot has become more legal and scarcity is not longer an issue, money and power seek those who would covet the POTential for profit. Green gold fever will allow people to know those who are real versus the posers. It’s the pot way to illustrate the true nature or heart of those who say one thing and later do another.

Even if your name isn’t Santa, these are two names to put on your list for future reference/news about, because the NEWS will be watching for future developments. One Love and keep it sticky because ‘in the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth, then he gave man herbs to ingest for his well-being.’

thanks Bro for bong pose

That’s the complete sentence – PT ROTHSCHILD aka NEWS Nurse, PT420

PT Rothschild

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