Since LinkedIn is an internet platform dealing primarily with business and this ezine deals primarily with cannabis, we like to ask the tough questions that our readers wonder about. As more and more states legalize medical use of cannabis, is there a difference in cannabis strength depending on state? If so, what does this mean to patients? Does the recreational side pose a threat to the medical side?

First, since this is a cannabis spot and based in California, the start of it all, the truth is the first is always the best. The same is true for cannabis, starting with pot. Refined products could be different but that would depend on the source. Taking a poll among patients who travel various states, including myself who went to Washington after they legalized, Cali has the strongest, joint for joint, couch lock potential of all the states. Washington State was a close second to California, until it went legal. They rolled patients and stoners all into one group, then dumbed down the THC potential.

People with pull [name recognition/money] rather than growers who smoke what they raise and pride themselves on potency or strain elements, seem to have taken over most states’ efforts to maximize profits from product availability. Also the average stoner is used to mid-grade or hit-n-miss quality [Mexican weed] so having anything available on-demand is better than it was. This attitude is changing because there are new players coming in. One country looking to enter the [medical] marijuana* market as its Supreme Court addresses the issue is Mexico, where the name for Mary Jane* comes from.

Predicted in Memoirs of Mr. Pete & Mary Jane Green along with the spread of pot use legally, Mexico seems slow to wake up given illegal drugs flowing into the US via the Southern border. However, now as you read this their Supreme Court is re-examining their official anti-cannabis stance. Hence a way to make money [taxes] off being legal instead of being corrupt, and it is all due to a public image change through medical marijuana. Here is a link to the latest medical marijuana news around the globe.

If you are planning a vacation soon somewhere around the world, here is a list pot of friendly countries.

This is a developing story as CBDs also hit the mainstream for medicinal use.

PT Rothschild

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