Cannabis and Climate Change

Cannabis and Climate Change

Today there is no denying that there is medical advantages to using cannabis, in one form or another, and often in combination. Recently, Richard Eastman was honored at City Hall in downtown Los Angeles, for having lived and vanquished his HIV [blood count] through exclusive cannabis use. Eastman is part of the medical marijuana group who tout, ‘all use is medical’. This is true.

Richard Eastman, far left

However, I also met a man named Jack Herer. He caused me to rethink this question, because he said to me, “medical marijuana is the worst thing that ever happened to pot, or words to that effect. At the time Jack said this to me, I blinked. At the time I knew people helped with cancer by using marijuana. But marijuana, now aptly named cannabis, is more than just something medical. Cannabis can cure what ails our poor planet. And this shouldn’t cost the taxpayers a cent.

First, why cannabis? Simple, properly processed, the cannabis plant can make paper, plastic, oil, hemp-crete, fiber, food, dyes, paints, etc. The next best thing is that cannabis is a renewable crop. But we’re not just talking a few fields of growing pot. To substitute cannabis, a renewable crop, for all the other fossil fuels and bogus crops like cotton, is going to require a massive changeover that can only be done by those who put us in this sorry state that includes nuclear fuel.

It would be nice to think that the world’s leaders would see this option and proclaim the Gospel of Mary Jane to really Green up the planet. Climate change is a real phenomenon since the trees are the lungs of the planet and the oil our planet’s blood @ 3.79 a gal. To get from here to there will necessitate some radical changes in the world’s mindset.

The Gospel of Mary Jane is needed to save the planet. Sooner or later the world will see this, but you read it here first.

PT Rothschild

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