CANN Sub-division Meeting: San Diego

CANN Sub-division Meeting: San Diego

Since our last article about the petition to introduce a Cannabis Chemistry Committee into the American Chemical Society, the effort has grown to become an official sub-division of the ACS’s Chemical Health and Safety Division as of October 2015. In this transition the committee has evolved to become the Cannabis Chemistry Sub-division (CANN), with that evolution comes the development of a platform for those that study or work with this long used botanical substance.

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March 14-16, 2016- The Cannabis Chemistry Sub-division hosted it’s first symposia during the 251st American Chemical Society National Meeting & Exposition in San Diego. At the U.S. Grant Hotel and later at the Marriott Marquis in San Diego Marina, several prominent speakers within the cannabis chemistry community gathered together to discuss scientific research, practical applications, the developing legal and regulatory landscape, and what the industry may look like as we continue to move forward. Presentations were given in regards to accurate edible testing, pesticide use, cannabis trials, potency trends, extraction methodologies, and laboratory analysis. With such noted speakers as:

Jahan Marcu, chief scientist for Americans for Safe Access

Cynthia Ludwig of the American Oil Chemists Society

Melissa Wilcox from Grace Discovery Sciences

Justin Fischedick of Excelsior Analytical

Chris Hudalla of Proverde Laboratories

Susan Audino, Assessor at American Association for Laboratory Accreditation (A2LA)

Kristin Nevedal of ASA’s Patient Focused Certification Program

Jeffery Raber, president of The Werc Shop cannabis testing facility.

Dr. Mahmoud ElSohly, Professor of Pharmaceutics at the university of Mississippi, where cannabis is grown in large quantities for research under federal regulation.

Video presentations were also presented from the well renowned scientist Dr. Raphael Mechoulam, as well as Dr. Arno Hazekamp.

Spearheading this movement is Ezra Pryor, the sub-divisions chairperson and original petition author for division formation.

Meanwhile, at the San Diego Convention Center, (much to the surprise of many convention goers.) the CANN sub-division held a welcoming presence alongside the Division of Chemical Health and safety (DCHAS). As the ACS Exposition went on with various workshops and product features, CANN focused on bringing more attention to the developing cannabis industry.

In addition to the convention and presentational meetings, CANN also hosted a networking event at the local Analog Bar. With sponsors PerkinElmer and Heidolph Instruments supporting the movement, the night ended with food, festivities and further discussions on how developers, formulators, analysts, and patients alike can come together to demand greater quality, regulation, and appreciation for this once sacred substance. Up til now there has never been an ACS division dedicated to cannabis chemistry, but with more and more places implementing laws and regulations that permit both medical and recreational use, the demand for increased regulation, quality control, and scientific study will surely continue to rise.


CANN Chairperson Ezra Pryor addresses the crowd at the Wednesday networking event.

“It is so wonderful to see all of our hard work pay off. We are growing fast and it has been great to meet many of our new members in San Diego. This was truly a momentous occasion.”

-Ezra Pryor

To learn more about the efforts of the Cannabis Chemistry Sub-division, or to find out more information about membership or volunteer opportunities, you can visit their site at:

They can also be reached via social media:




(From left to right.) Michelle Sexton, Erika Olterman, Mahmoud ElSohly, and Matthew Lopez pose for a photo after the conclusion of the Monday Symposium.


Six of the speakers from the Monday symposium pose for a photo. (From left to right) Dr. Jeff Raber, Melissa Wilcox, Ezra Pryor, Dr. Cynthia Ludwig, Dr. Justin Fishedick, and Dr. Jahan Marcu.


Photos By: Matthew Lopez

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