Last night Matthew McConaughey won Best Actor in a Leading Role for “Dallas Buyers Club”, a based on a true story movie about the evilness of the FDA regarding AIDS patients, victims, and Big Pharmacy. The issue of AIDS coming from outdated U.S. Polio vaccine sold to Africa through the U.N. has never been addressed or exposed properly.

It isn’t just the US government that is experimenting on its citizens without their knowledge; governments around the world routinely take advantage of their governed because the corporations that poison them through corruption/swinging door policies are international. Take for example Monsanto’s GMO marijuana. As DPA [Drug Policy Alliance] written initiatives with no GMO wording for legal weed get introduced in each state, no one is paying attention pass the words ‘legal pot’. Medical patients who may be shielded from this are being rolled up into the same group as legals in Monsanto’s dragnet rubber-stamped by the national government in Canada.

In Canada, this heinous decision made with no input from any experts in the field, such as other med patients, co-ops, cannabis experts, or even smokers, is now being challenged by a group on Prince Edward Island. Thanks to 420Nurse Laurie Canadian 420 for the news tip. One Love.

marijuana grow plant in winnipeg, CAN

A group of Prince Edward Islanders who use medical marijuana is trying to develop a plan for a co-op business to grow the drug.

As of the end of this month, medical marijuana users in Canada will no longer be allowed to grow their own supply. Instead, they’ll have to obtain the drug from a supplier authorized by the federal government.

Keith Kennedy has been using medical marijuana since injuring his back in 2002. He said there would be many advantages for Islanders using medical marijuana to have their own, approved production co-op.

“The client is going to be connected to the plant that they wish to consume. They’re going to know that it’s organic. They’re going to know that it has a high quality, that it’s going to be good for them,” said Kennedy.

“We would be creating jobs, involving our consumers in the product and we would be keeping it local.”

Kennedy and his group are looking for 100 people willing to pay $500 each to become co-op members. A Charlottetown accounting firm is prepared to write up a business plan for the group, but it first needs to sign up members.

Kennedy said most the federal regulatory requirements regarding the new grow ops are regarding security, and he sees no reason why a co-op should not be able to meet those requirements.

Kier Kenny, a P.E.I. businessman helping out with the project, said cost for users under the new federal plan is a major concern.

“If you’re on a disability pension of $864 a month and you have to pay your food and your lodging out of that, some company has the right to grow the marijuana for you but you can’t afford to buy it,” said Kenny.

“That’s not very much use to our community here on Prince Edward Island.”

Kenny said he has talked to medical marijuana users on a disability pension who agreed a $500 investment is possible.’ –

The new rules – Under new rules, the government will no longer produce or distribute medical pot and medical marijuana users will no longer be allowed to grow the product at home.

Instead, patients will be required to mail order their marijuana from licensed growers.

Steven Stairs produces and uses his own medical marijuana for his disabilities. He has glaucoma, cataracts and retinitis pigmentosa, degenerative conditions.

He said he has access to medical marijuana because of the glaucoma. He also suffers from anxiety and stress from the loss of vision. Stairs said the new rules are ridiculous.

“They’re draconian.” he said. “I think they’re a step backwards. I haven’t ran (sic) into a single patient so far that is for these changes.”

Stairs said the changes mean he will have to pay four to five times as much for a drug he needs to get by.

“If I have to pay any sort of out of pocket expense, that I already can’t afford because I have a disability, and I have a lower income earning ratio than most people, how will I be able to provide myself with my marijuana?”

Stairs plans to protest the new rules.

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