While CCHI/ RMLW stall, Monsanto’s GMO pot plan advances county by county in Cali.

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What is the plan? Asks you and Anonymous. Outside of duplicitous and well-financed, orchestrated by the handsome people such as you see in the NCIA report, the GMO pot plan is simple and in steps. Canada gives us the way they want to fuck us patients, these money-hungry sick bastards.

The first phase is to outlaw any medical patient grows, especially those outside, regardless of existing law, statue, or proposition, through an amendment, locally countrywide. This is easy to do through drinking/pill-popping bureaucrats and lobbyists who know nothing about or care anything for the actual use of real cannabis. Even to the rare few in the system who try to make a level-headed decision, once they are shown how much money can be made from the 142 patents on cannabis, including their county’s cut in the patent profits, they have swallowed the kool-aid. Left conveniently out is the fact that you can’t patent a natural plant. Trust me when I say that little loophole is NOT pointed out.

What can you do? The people we fight are arrogant and public, we are not. County bills appear in the paper as news covered by reporters who stroll that beat. Keep your ears open and your med close by like it was your cap gun if you’re as old school as me. Make a noise and organize to oppose any such effort. Their point is money, ours is logic.

Next find out who wrote the bill and who sponsors it. For further instructions, leave a comment, and like Joe Walsh, maybe I’ll call [my disclaimer]. Run a rap sheet on the legislature hooligans and look at their connections to other organizations, committees, etc. Again, it easy to know them, who they represent, and who they know by their credentials because they all come with their credentials, for all to read. We gather like people of old who drew a fish in the sand. We all know our lingo, which won’t be reported here. At this point, you’re in, or you’re out.

So far, this has been all parry [A parry is a fencing blade work maneuver intended to deflect or block an incoming attack*]. After a parry comes a thrust.

Our thrust comes from hitting the parent entity, Monsanto, on a different front. Keep it here for details on when that opportunity is going to happen. And all it will take is five minutes and you can fell like a stoned Captain America. Just don’t get cocky, kids. – Hans Solo, Jr.

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