Can Smoking Weed Be Good For You?

Can Smoking Weed Be Good For You?

Can Smoking Weed Be Good For You

Medical marijuana has been increasingly more popular–and in some cases more legalized–lately. While marijuana can be used to treat a bunch of things, a new medicinal use has been found for it. Can smoking weed be good for preventing diabetes?

A new study shows that people who use marijuana have lower insulin levels, which lowers your risk of diabetes because it means you have better control of your blood sugar.

Not sure what that means? If you have type 2 diabetes, your body doesn’t produce enough insulin to keep your blood sugar levels at a healthy place. When that happens, you feel sluggish, you pee a lot, lose a lot of weight and feel super thirsty all the time. (Basically, it’s not fun.)

Marijuana users were also showed in the study to have a smaller risk of obesity than people who don’t smoke weed.

People in the study who admitted to smoking weed also had smaller waistlines than those who had never used marijuana.

It may seem surprising, and it sort of is. You know that whole “munchies” thing? It’s real: People who smoke marijuana eat more Calories than people who don’t, but somehow still weigh less and have smaller risks of obesity and diabetes. Docs aren’t sure why that happens, but they also note that those who smoke weed also have smaller body mass indexes (BMIs). (Remember though, BMIs aren’t necessarily good tools to determine if you’re at a healthy weight since they don’t take things like muscle weight into account, so take that with a grain of salt.)

What does this all mean? If you’re under 18, it should ideally not mean much, because you have to be at least that old  to smoke marijuana, even where it’s legal. For the rest of us? It means more research should go into marijuana, THC and the benefits and risks of smoking weed. I personally hate the smell and probably wouldn’t bother doing it regardless, but if it can help others with their health, I’m all for it being legalized, researched and prescribed to people who need it.

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