Be-leagued alleged serial rapist and hypocrite Bill Cosby continued Bill Cosby busted at Disneya downward spiral as Disney World pulled his bust from their public display. DW also pulled their Confederate Flag after an impassioned speech by State Rep and Jefferson Davis descendent, Jenny Horne, turned the tide in South Carolina’s CF debate.

Meanwhile along with the comedian’s bust removal at the Florida amusement park, he has been dropped from any and all talent representation in Hollywood as he becomes this century’s Fatty Arbuckle. More networks have cancelled his shows in lieu of released 2005 court documents showing his admission of obtaining Quaaludes, the 70s version of roofies, for the explicit purpose of obtaining sex. When questioned on whether he had given any pills to women without their knowledge, his lawyer objected and this question was never answered in court.

The last remaining vestige of Cosby’s renown, his star on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame sidewalk section, a tourist spot the world over, is now being petitioned for its removal by several minority organizations at press time. It may be uprooted on his Tuesday birthday when the disgraced comedian turns 78. ouch!

Here is the back story from someone almost as old as The Cos since many readers here were born in the 90s.

In the 50s when I grew up, women, no matter what race, had an historical particular ‘place’ in life. It was the role of ‘sister, girlfriend, wife, mother, crone’. Women who got out of that narrow range were the exception, the rare exception, and usually semi-tragic artists like Billie Holiday. Some women like Pearl Bailey and Mae West, however, did push the envelope successfully. Other women like Francis Farmer were lobotomized.

But the 50s brought women into the sexual forefront as much as the 40s war time had taken them from the kitchen. The pinup on the sides of Air Force Bombers became the push-up bra Playboy bunny objectification. The 60s brought in sexual revolution/free love through the birth control pill; Masters and Johnson showed women had independent thoughts and desires unbeknownst to male society. The 70s brought racial liberation as ‘mingling’ became an accepted social phenomena and not just for celebrities anymore. Disco became the soundtrack for that generational shift. The 80s bestowed full individual female recognition on a personal level.

During these various eras, men seeing their once controlled domain become more equal and open, were confused and struggled to play catch-up to the newly awakened modern/ancient female. Actions that were common place in the 50s and 60s became ‘date rape’ in the 70s and 80s. Women were gaining the right to their own bodies.

Today women still seek respect but now there are more ears listening and believing rather than shaming and condemning. Also alcohol plays a major role in many cases as evidenced by the guy who lit a firecracker on top of his head.

Long being a part of the stoner/cannabis culture, I have seen less attitudes of forcible aggression on women because pot affects your mindset differently. Today among participants, these men seem more like ‘Southern Gentleman’ towards their stoner mates, and patients, both female and male, in my observed opinion, enjoy the most mutual admiration toward each other, with the 420nurses at the point of that thrust in civility. Of course assholes still exist.

420 and big group shot maybe from highfi event
The birth date of the 420nurses, 2009, Halloween, Hollywood, was no accident of time. It is an idea/organization whose time has come, just like it is Bill Cosby’s time to go. Buh-Bye!

PT Rothschild

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