This story starts with a question. Who do you call when the World’s Most Useful Plant is attacked by the World’s Most Evil Kraken? The answer isn’t the Ghostbusters cause we ain’t fighting no ghosts; just someone who thinks we don’t stand a ghost of a chance to stop them from enslaving 99% of the world’s stoners.

Since The Great Colorado Pot Experiment is cloaked in deception much like in the plot of the movie I Love Trouble (1994), this is hardly Nick Nolte I love trouble movie posternewsworthy or noteworthy. But what do you have when both the antagonist and the protagonist are cloaked in deception? Well, that’s a real nipple twister, isn’t it?

Now having a story open with two questions means simply that there a lot to the story unrevealed, so Dear Readers of the NEWS, stay tuned as we search for answers together. First what is the stage or format? The stage is the world and the prize is a group of people known to many as ‘stoners’. Into this category are lumped both recreational and medical users. This is the first deception, thinking that there is a single group. Ding.

march against monstanto hands holding globeWho is The World’s Most Evil Enemy? Recent polls conducted give that dishonor to international  conglom Monsanto, a company founded on the principle of eugenics, known among some as ‘thinning the herd’. Unfortunately, we are not talking about cattle ranchers. This policy was adopted in 1901 at the company’s founding. All you need to know can be found in the links of this story.

Deception enters the story at this point because almost everyone missed the code word ‘experiments’ used by Obama to describe Colorado and Washington State. Washington State provides a tie-in because of several 420nurses and Xesia headshot for Wash State story420Nurses/patients who reside there. The 420Nurse pictured here recently delivered a heartfelt request to that state’s lawmakers.

Because of that deception, all the middle people, both lawmakers and puffers, medical and stoners, can’t be expected to know that Uruguay’s President used the same code word to describe the Monsanto Initiative going on there to deliver $1 a gram GMO weed to an unsuspecting citizenry. All in the name of driving out the small time local dealers. Since the big stuff is controlled by big money and big power, the GMO weed is meant for the little people, cannon fodder to the 1%.

But as spoken of on page 312 bottom and 313 top. This day is all summed up in one printed paragraph.

“The attempt to mutate Mary Jane through GMO modification or to eradicate its usefulness through government disinformation, the ‘long night’ of the upcoming parable, almost succeeded, almost, in relation to Matt 24:24b. This affront goes beyond the blasphemy of having ‘In God We Trust’ on our manipulated currency and will not stand. An Immortal’s appearance confirms this.” – taken verbatim from Memoirs of Mr. Pete & Mary Jane Green

Now to the protagonists. To take on an international villainous corporation you need an international group of heroes way beyond the League of Justice. What you need is an order, like what used to found knighthoods. But that was back in the James Brown ‘good foot’ days. Now everyone’s balls are on the line and there is nowhere to run on any kind of feet. There’s been a joint drawn in the sand by Monsanto. Who do you call?

420 and look like barbie motto

What group is international?

What group is united by One Love, the love and proper respect for nature’s cannabis?

What group is able to see through the smoke and mirrors of today’s pot politics?

What group is strong enough to topple the mighty giant Goliath now named Monsanto?

What group is magical enough to do battle with Saint Money?

What group leader as charismatic as George Soros could dab out the old geezer?

What group has Divine Intervention as ‘the force’?

What group is clueless to any of the above?

And one last question,

What group stands against theMonsanto Gold control over all stoners today?

The group’s leader is pictured below. Stay tuned to the NEWS, we have the poop of a scoop!

420nurses activism closer cam shot w ChaCha

PT Rothschild

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