Many people do. Today many patients also have tasted and felt the benefits of using a hemp wick to light their flower bowl. The difference in ‘before and after’ use is enough to turn a connoisseur or cannabis aficionado into a fan of ditching the Bic. At first using an extra step to consume your leaf may seem to be a hassle, but the difference in taste and decrease in coughing/hacking soon make up for the added steps. Besides, it is your body and your lungs. There is a reason you are smoking the cannabis in the first place.

Keeping it natural however means keeping a supply of hemp wick, and the amount it comes in even in the ball form, will give out one day. What to do now since you have become used to a non-pollutant, taste-free, draw of leaf from your morning bowl, in case one day you remember you should have stopped and gotten a fresh ball on the way home the day before.

For the sake of argument, we will presuppose that you don’t live behind, above, or next door to a store/clinic that stocks such an item for sell, so you are SOL. Unless…

Several things can become a substitute for a non-toxic flame transfer source to burn your medical bowl, starting of course with matches allowed to burn past the sulfur accelerate part. The next likely spot for a source would be outside, provided you live somewhere that would yield some twigs, sticks, or stems. The problem with these types of substitute kindling wicks isn’t necessarily availability, burn ability. Often times this form of kindling is too layered or not properly cured to hold a flame long enough to toast the green on a bowl. That can be frustrating when looking for some medical relief.

Perhaps the best substitute is the one most often overlooked, the leftover stick handles from the incense you have already burned. How often have you tossed out the sticks with the ash when you dumped the incense holder or tray?

Incense stick handles 001

Incense stick handles make the perfect bowl lighting utensil substitutes for when you run out of hemp wick. Stored in an unused plastic medical [pill] jar, they can be at arm’s reach as soon as the need arises. Using your Bic, incense stick handles light every time and hold a small end of stick aflame without any major flareup. Although care must always be used in handling any type of fire taper, many times an incense stick handle will almost extinglish itself if held at an upward 45 degree angle exposing the flame to the already burnt portion.

Besides getting a clean, no-butane, no-sulfur hit flame to burn your medicine with, sometimes as an added treat, a little of the stick’s spent incense flavor will be left to provide a slight perfumed aftertaste reminder the first time you light the unburned end. A sly breath scent fixer and the sticks are free!!

Our bonus tip. Turn the love light on in their eyes when being romantical with candlelight by using incense handle sticks to spark the evening’s bowls, showing both your dominance of fire and unique resourcefulness to keep the mood adventuresome.

PT Rothschild

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