Some Prefer Flowers, Some Prefer Trees

Some Prefer Flowers, Some Prefer Trees

Valentine’s Day itself is pretty cliché – champagne and strawberries, roses and lingerie, sweet nothings and big romantic gestures. Whether you choose to see Valentine’s Day as a holiday designed to sell cards and candy or you really go in for all that mushy stuff, why not indulge whole-heartedly in the cliché and live it up on Valentine’s Day? Show your sweetheart that you can’t live without her, and let your significant other know just how significant he is. After all, regardless of the reason, you’ll never be sorry you expressed love to a loved one.

In the new world of legalized marijuana, picture a ‘bud bouquet.’ A concept of incorporating cannabis into floral design is setting trends in Colorado and Washington State.


I’m sure the question on everyone’s mind right now is “Can you smoke it?” Well, it wouldn’t make for much of a gift if you couldn’t, right? According to the Post, the buds are the same ones you’d roll into a joint and light up. However, in accordance with the state’s laws, the customer must obtain the bud themselves and provide it to the florist. Once the bouquet is ready, the customer must go to the store to pick, since the law prohibits the florist to deliver cannabis products.

There’s still time to mark the occasion with the best Valentine of all, Mary Jane. The Perfect Petal is taking orders as late as Saturday morning for same-day turnaround, starting at $55. Owner Cindy Ollig got her first marijuana floral request for a wedding last summer, and has since opened the door for individual customers to come up with their own creations.

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