The modern sesh or farmers’ market for medical marijuana patients is an organic happening in a country whose government can’t even spell the word marijuana correctly after a hundred years of prohibition. That’s weak from people who have advanced degrees and the logic behind no medical patient ever wanting government interference when it comes to their personal health. For proof of government know-how, consider the approval of glyphosate and genetically engineered food plants now being proven the source of most modern MMJ ailments.

In opposition to this Orwellian future comes the sesh, an event started by patients for patients, the people overlooked and shut out of every legal weed and medical weed effort by authorities who want to reign in the World’s Most Powerful Plant for profit only. I pity those fools.

Although I can’t speak for the originator of the term and its current use, I can remember the first time I heard the word used by the World’s Prettiest Patients, the 420Nurses, particularly the Los Angeles chapter and headquarters.

Attending the first few FNS or Friday Night Sesh[es] was an adventure and a treat. The FNS theme was different each week, the crowd young for the most part, and the vibe mellow, happy, and festive. The vendors felt a certain kinship to the idea and to the patients. The atmosphere was unique; a gypsy potpourri of treats for the eyes and mind on a Friday night, the start of the weekend, a sendoff.

With 2018 just six months away, it was time for this reporter to take a look at the FNS after the election smoke has cleared out, you might say. Before where there had been just an outer perimeter of vendors with tables/chairs and floor space in the middle, had now grown to a serpentine coil of 6-8 ft tables inside the outer perimeter.

Once the doors opened, the people streamed in, one valid ID and rec at a time. Added to handle the niteclub size crowd is a security detail now, but one of the same door persons is still the one who checks you in. Here she is from our original FNS story report.

Door logistics had changed as well to accommodate the increased attendance, and now featured an off-street rear entrance.

Like the vendor days at Mother’s Markets, the use of raffles is utilized by some vendors who sell tickets to their own drawings. One of the more popular drawings is held by award winner, Slump Extracts, a familiar face with an excellent product, handcrafted like a fine batch of wine. I know first hand. Plus like all the vendors at the FNS, Slump is nice people.

The term ‘nice’ is used here to represent the feeling compassion rather than commercialism, which is why I brought my friend and medical patient to his first FNS. Like most people and patients in the cause, he had heard of the 420Nurses, a brand driven by compassion and cannabis. My friend, pictured here, has one of those ailments that is as modern as GMOs. Every morning when he arises, nausea greets him, as it has since he can remember.

Now a few drops of tincture in the morning and some dabs before work do wonders. Later at night, a few edibles see him through his shift and when he gets home, cannabis helps to bring sleep on, whether by wax, vape, or flower. This was his first Friday Night Sesh as he was on vacation and able to partake.

My friend was not disappointed, in selection or price.

Cannabis has even invaded the bath.

Can there be any doubt that the Friday Night Sesh is a brand driven sesh, a 420Nurses brand driven sesh?

PT Rothschild

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