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Boss titanium


Titanium products have become ever more popular as the dabbing industry continues to take off. However there has been much debate over the purity and quality of titanium products selling throughout the U.S. because of unethical manufacturers who have chosen to use questionable titanium that can often contain trace amounts of undesired materials within its structure. The use of slightly impure metals is common among other industries who do not require the same level of purity needed for vapor and concentrate applications, but when these impurities make their way into dabbing tools and utensils they can lead to a myriad of problems such as a short life span of the titanium, metal pitting, flaking, and at the very worse, potentially off-gas substances that are non-beneficial to human health.

Fortunately there are many companies who have committed themselves to excellence by either refining the metal themselves or making use of properly sourced, smelted, and crafted materials that meet the strict purity standards similar to those used in medicinal practice. These efficient manufactures and pure grade materials are safe for use with cannabis concentrates and essential oils.

One such company that has committed itself to excellence is the BOSS Titanium Company. Established in October of 2014 they have been hard at work bringing quality GR2 titanium to the industry while still addressing the delicate procedure of blueprinting efficient and satisfactory dabbing utensils.



Consideration and attention to detail were fully incorporated into the development of BOSS’s domeless nail starting with their six-hole Max-Flo cup which heats up quickly and uses a salt shaker style surface area to efficiently vaporize concentrates and essential oils. The center is built with several sinks to prevent excess heat from transferring to the glass rig it’s attached to and the nail itself can be disassembled for easy cleaning, cheaper replacement, and interchangeable parts as it can be upgraded to a 16mm coil E-nail head.  The BOSS titanium domeless is available in either male or female and is able to accommodate all three 10mm, 14mm, and 18mm joint sizes. It is also available in an XL version designed with a wider surface area for those who need the extra space:


Boss titanium has also produced a quartz banger that is available in either 14mm or 18mm joint sizes. Designed to fit either 16mm or 20mm coils, all are equipped with an extra thick sidearm to help hold the coil firmly in place.


Carb Caps are also available to match any of their products and BOSS’s Mul-ti Carb Cap can be adjusted to accommodate almost any concentrate setup. Designed with a shovel style point, the Mul-ti dabber is perfect for gathering the proper amount of essential oil.


As if the quality nails wasn’t enough. BOSS Titanium has also released their compact enails. Small enough to be considered pocket sized, these enails are produced with the same precision and reliability of more expensive models. They contain all the desired parts such as a digital readout, 5-pin XLR Kevlar cable, and a choice of 16mm or 20mm coil. The inner workings of the machine are kept within an aluminum housing that is attractive, sturdy, and laser enshrined with the BOSS logo. The enail is available in either its original aluminum silver version, or the champagne gold / black version which is less than an inch thick and has no visible screws throughout its base. Both are equipped with a secondary on / off switch that continuously monitors the temperature of the coil after it is turned off. This allows the user to know exactly when it is safe to disassemble the enail.




“We wanted to develop a line of products that were sturdy, stylish, affordable, and above all, reliable to the consumer. It took a lot of hard work, trial and error, customer feedback, and dedication, but we nailed it.”

We would like to say thank you to BOSS titanium for their hard work and wonderful line of quality products.

For more information you can visit their website by clicking here: BOSS Titanium

You can also visit them on Social media:




Photos provided by: BOSS titanium

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