It’s January 31, and again the birthday of 420Nurses CEO, Chacha VaVoom. This year the NEWS put together a picture story about this modern woman whose vision for the future comes from puffing a plant of the distant past.

420 and the 420Nurses menu

This woman’s woman can fix her mac as easily as she does her nails.

420 and CC working on her Mac

Having the most beautiful tush on planet 420 means hitting the heavy bag

420 and CC hit s the heavy bag

All workout and no play isn’t Chacha’s agenda, of course

420 and CC wearing human solution ribbon

Knowing the right ‘cotton killer’ calls for sophisticated experience

420 and CC holding bottle of wine

Outer experience is enhanced from inner communication, Chacha finds

420 and yoga 420nurses

Leadership requires experience, and that experience inspires others

420 and CC instructs the girls

Some see the world of 420nurses as imaginary

420 and mushroom-ville

But the 420 world is as real as brass knuckles

420 and CC pulling glasses off with hat

But after a hard day of promoting models, cannabis, photos; Chacha relaxes

420 and relaxing over a plate of buds

The next day it’s back to running a green jobs movement supply chain

420 and CC surveys inventory stock ad

Dabbing like the big boys

420 and CC holds her own with admiration

Not the posers

420 and what is this-a dab  for ants Ben Stiller

Even hosting art sessions and nude photo art shoots, in addition to activism

420 and dabbing and art night group at table shot

Today we toast our bowls to this lady, large and in-charge

420 and CC in cool anime costume

Dr. 420Nurse VaVoom, Chacha VaVoom

420 and Va Voom collage

PT Rothschild

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