Bhang Products.

Bhang Products.
Bhang products launched it’s edible line in the fall of 2010. Founded in Oakland on the idea of providing the most effective cannabis products around, what began from years of dedication has now grown to accommodate a multitude of cannabis regulated states: California, Arizona, New Mexico, Michigan, Washington, Nevada, and New York. As of now they are in the process of building facilities in Colorado, Canada, and even Uruguay.
“We were the first cannabis company to be part of the Food Union. All our products are made from pure co2 extracted cannabis oil and follow salmon safe protocol. We truly strive to bring only the best and cleanest products available. We’re are the first international cannabis brand and hold the title of most edible awards including the 2015 1st place Best Edible High Times Cannabis World Cup.”
Here is a list of some of their many fine products:
Bhang Chocolate Bars:
Their signature product is a cannabis infused chocolate bar which comes in a variety of unique flavors. Each bar is segmented into proportioned pieces to provide a consistent cannabinoid dose and they are available in 4 different strengths to suit the needs of the user. Bhang Chocolate edibles are available in flavors such as:
  • Dark Chocolate
  • Milk Chocolate
  • Toffee
  • Cookies and Cream
  • Cherries and Cream
  • Fire Chocolate (Milk Chocolate with orange and a bit of spice.)
  • Ice Chocolate (Peppermint milk chocolate.)
  • Pretzel Chocolate
  • CBD Caramel (Dark Chocolate with caramel: infused in a 50/50 balanced cannabinoid ratio.)
  • The Bite (Chocolate Taffy)
  • *Soon to launch 2 new flavors: Parisian Espresso and Caramel Mocha*   
Bhang also produces a sublingual mouth spray that contains a measured dose of cannabinoids within a .24 fl. oz. bottle. These award winning  sprays are available in either a THC Crisp Mint Spray containing 300mg of total THC or a CBD Fresh Mint Spray which contains 150mg of total CBD. Double strength versions are available for those in need on the higher cannabinoid ratios.
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For additional cannabinoid support Bhang produces an infused chewing gum called Bhang NuGum. It is available in 4 packs that contain either 100mg or 200mg of total THC, or an equal 50mg ratio of THC and CBD. There is also a pure CBD gum that is available in either 80mg 8-packs or 100mg infused 4-packs.
For those interested in the use and benefits of pure CBD, Bhang produces a 98% pure CBD isolate that can be used for a variety of purposes such as dabbing and food infusions.
For those who enjoy the use and convenience of conventional vape pen products, Bhang produces several different options; all of which are available in strain specific varieties to suit the needs of the user:DCP_0044-Green
The All Natural cannabis oil blend is infused with coconut oil to produce a smoother vape experience. These provide a great entry level option for low-tolerance users and for those who are new to cannabis concentrates. They are available in either 550mg or 1100mg cartridges that average in potencies of 20-30%
For higher tolerance users and people who are more experienced with cannabis extracts, Bhang offers their Pure Oil option. These cartridges are available in either 275mg or 550mg pre-fills which contain no additional additives of any kind- just pure co2 extracted cannabis oil averaging in potencies of 50-60%.
550mg pre-filled disposable e-cigs are also available which contain a total 275mg of cannabis oil. These e-cigs contain the same oil as the “All Natural” Bhang cartridges and even took home 3rd place for Best Disposable Vape product 2016 – Edibles List.
For those who in need of only the finest quality vape experience there is Bhang Black Private Reserve. These connoisseur cartridges contain 275mg cannabis oil that has been additionally refined to produce the utmost of potency, quality, and flavor.  They have gone on to win the 2014 Patient’s Choice Medical Cannabis Cup 3rd Place in Concentrates, the 2015 HempCon Cup 2nd Place in Infused Products, and also 2nd place at the 2016 High Times Cannabis Cup for best vape cartridge. All Bhang Black Private Reserve cartridges average in potency of around 70% and will soon be available in a larger 550mg cartridge.
“We appreciate all the love and support that has come our way and hope to continue to give back to the community by continuing our vow of producing the highest quality products available.”
We would like to say thank you to Bhang for taking the time to chat with us about their many available products. For more information on Bhang you can visit their website at:
Photos provided by Bhang products.

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