We all know how the party of stupid feels about medical pot, and who can tell which way Hillary blows, except she doesn’t blow well. So the question coming soon to everyone’s mind is, how does the Bern feel about the burn?

After all, Bernie is 73 and though I haven’t checked, I thought I was the oldest patient, besides Kathie Z, on record [male anyway].

But lo and behold, a little digging in Bernie’s background seemingly answered both questions.

In 2011, Bernie and the State of Vermont, honored Willie Nelson at a benefit concert put on there. There are no pics of Bernie and Willie puffing together but anyone cool with Willie has to know the deal.

Besides, we patients don’t care whether Bernie smokes or not, just is he cool with it and would he be that way as Prez?

Bernie and Willie

Judging from this selfie, it appears there is no BS to Bernie Sanders,

whereas others just seem to be posers, don’tcha know?

Hillary pandering for cool votes

PT Rothschild

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