As we all wait to see the outcome from the results of Tuesday’s California vote to legalize marijuana on a recreational level, those of us in this cause from the beginning to those who just joined, we must now come together for the betterment of us all. This was the motivation behind campaigning against a system, not the people in it unless they were lightning rods themselves. Even then, it’s time to bury the hatchets and this is the time to do it, in this twilight of yesteryear.

Rather than look back and point fingers at others or even ourselves, the time now is to look ahead. We need to search around the changing landscape, assess our present skills for goals in the coming future, then set our sights on those intentions and assessments. The most important element in these times will be your bud brothers because come what may, you have that common link, not the promise of stoner-hood.

The plant cannabis is sacred, and must remain so regardless of its current relegated government commercialized status. We never want to be the Chief with a tear in his eye that you see in those environmental pollution ads. It’s important to also enjoy this fading time in the ‘Wild West of Weed’ because one day your grand kids may ask you, “Was it always like this?” as I did to my grandparents about forced segregation.

This is also a time of unlimited possibility since pot is legal here and a number of other states but not legal across the country so the final bell may not have sounded for the cannabis cause, especially given the new change of government recently installed.

It is important to remember that marijuana being granted legal status does not change anything as far as being a patient is concerned, unless you were just a stoner to begin with. The rest of us, patients before and patients since, will remain patients who need to medicate. Perhaps some will forego the rec process but as for me, I was a patient before pot was legal and I’ll be a cannabis patient applying for my rec after the law takes effect, if that will be possible.

If you are a member of a group like the Ganja Girls or the 420Nurses, and particularly the 420Nurses since they represent both the medical image and are patients, those ties that bind are more than just social or business, you have a community of sisterhood support not witnessed in established ‘pot groups’ based solely on status, education, profession, or commonality. Art itself is dependent on unique creativity, the antithesis of conformity, so whether baking pastries or making a pictorial statement for a product, versatility to free-flow the moment is essential.

The future of pot may have been decided at the polls, but the future of cannabis is as ambiguous as an exhaled vapor cloud. If there’s one thing learned from all my memoirs, it’s that there is more to Mary Jane Green than meets the eye, even when that eye is an eye full.

PT Rothschild

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