Becoming a 420nurse Official Intern

Becoming a 420nurse Official Intern

The first step to become a 420 nurse is to sign up to In order to move up in any system or in life you must go through stages. The speed of how you move up is not determined by us but yourself. If you’re a motivated individual that can stay positive when all

The first step to become a 420 nurse is to sign up to In order to move up in any system or in life you must go through stages. The speed of how you move up is not determined by us but yourself. If you’re a motivated individual that can stay positive when all odds are against you then you are already one step closer into moving up. To move up in ranks in the 420nurses you do not have to live in LA, California. You can live anywhere in the world, all that is required is passion, dedication and the love for 420nurses lifestyle.

Once a female 18+ interested in promoting herself with 420nurses signs up to, it is likely she will be approached by an official intern/chapter leader to provide comfortability and information on pursuing the lifestyle. 420nurses manually verifies all users on the website. is intended for models, photographers and business owners to network without worry of fake profiles or animosity. Our verification process also gives you as a user, instability where you stand. When anyone signs up you become a fan automatically. after we verify your profile we may request more information to upgrade you, as a female model 18+, to a 420patient.


In order to promote with 420nurses please note you will need your intern starter kit. After you purchase your kit, your profile will be upgraded to intern. In addition you will receive 1000 business cards to promote yourself with print, 3 420 nurse tank tops, 10 5 star review business stickers, our signature 420 nurse hat and you gain access to all magazines, photo shoots, events, concerts and so much more that the 420nurses participate in. 420nurses is more than a brand, its a movement. We want to see you grow, gain as many fans as you can, and be the best that YOU can be. When you wear 420nurses brand you are representing you. As an intern we want to feature all your favorite pictures on the website, share on all networks and help fulfill your goal. Interns on 420nurses are in a learning process of the network. If you have not upgraded yourself to an intern and are interested in pursuing you can purchase now :…

If you have any questions about online store, purchasing, etc. email [email protected]

When you purchase your intern kit we do more then just send you gear.

We give you tools to promote yourself. We also feature your images and promote you to businesses. We set you up with your custom store to generate income at a higher commission level then our website partners. After you are an active intern, recruiting more interns, building your home chapter, and are promoting yourself to your fullest potential, the time has come for you to move forward on pursuing an ‘official’ position. There is no matter of time it takes to move up in rank, only based upon your consistency. Once we see how active you are and we see the community is interested in you, 420nurses will upgrade you to an official intern. However, as I said before, you must go through stages in order to move up rank.

Here are the minimum requirements of an official intern.

-An official intern should take 420nurses as a lifestyle. Just that should be noticeable through the to fans, peers, and everyone on the network. Recruiting girls wherever you go, wearing your gear on a day to day basis, staying positive and growing in the network THAT is what gives you the traits of an official. 420nurses wants motivated individuals with heart and consistency and our officials should understand the general basics of 420nurses and have now bridged over to new goals. If you have individual questions on how you fully live the 420nurses lifestyle, don’t hesitate to ask another official or chapter leader. We want to help you move forward and be the best that YOU can be.

– Your 420nurses intern starter kit accommodates 8 business stickers stating “This business was awarded 5 stars by a 420 nurse.” Each sticker is worth a potential minimum of $10 and carrying out all 8 stickers is another requirement of moving up to an official intern. This is what you can tell them: “Hi, my name is ____ new 420model for and I want to promote for you online. I can add your business listing on our website and give you a 5 STAR REVIEW, also indexed on google, for a minimum donation of $10 and Ill even share it on your other social networks.” bridges thousands and thousands of page views per month and a short written review by someone with your growing following can help boost a business in a very big way. Don’t get discouraged stay consistent and remember essentially you are there to help promote for them, you are always promoting for yourself so its really in THEIR best interest to work with you. Sharing photos/videos from review is always encouraged.

– Blogging has become a vital element of any online presence. Blogs encourage repeat visits to your page and are fast, productive ways to invite participation and interaction. Blogs can be about anything – from a bad dream you had to what you can do to legalize in your state – we want to hear your thoughts. Blogs serve as an online journal and really connect your fans to your lifestyle. The entries in a blog are usually stream-of-consciousness. There is no particular order to them. For example, if I see a good link,photo,etc. I can throw it in my blog. We encourage you to write a minimum of 10 blogs before you move up in rank. Not only is it good practice for speaking at events, sharing your thoughts with fans, and expressing yourself, but you will see results in your fan base.

– Upload Daily Photos! Simply Do it Yourself pictures at home are always a great start. Business and promotional companies that might be interested in hiring can get a preview of who they want to hire. You can contact the photographers on the site as some are also building their portfolio. Take advantage of a low cost or at times FREE Shoots. Uploading photos at least weekly is another requirement in moving up to official!

-420nurses events are set for interns and 420nurses only unless otherwise specified. As an intern, take advantage of your access to all events, especially if becoming official is a goal you, share 420nurses. Officials are required to show up to a minimum of 5 events before they are upgraded and required to show up to minimum one event per month. This requirement is highlighted but should be the most obvious. If you are pursuing a partnership as an official with the 420nurses company it should be evident that you are active at all events, meetings, expos, etc. that you can. Some events include but not restricted to concerts, grand openings, intern meetings, 420 nurse photo shoots, expos, and more. Events must be attended in 420nurse gear, photographed, and fully networked.

Becoming an Official Intern is a title that is earned and maintain by staying active, wearing the 420nurses gear , showing up to events to network build and grow as a 420Nurse .

Termination or downgrade of a 420nurse (Section z.)

Any 420nurse can elect to terminate another 420nurse. See Procedures

Grounds For Termination or downgrade (Section z.a.)

Drama (termination)

Lies (downgrade)

Flaking (downgrade)

Stealing (termination)

Disrespect (downgrade)

No Activity (downgrade)

Misinterpretation of the company – DOWNGRADE

We look forward in helping you achieve your goals in our network. 420nurses is the only modern promotional networking company of its kind. We are women in action and these guidelines are set for us all to succeed. Good Luck

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