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    Summer Rain

    I am a full time 420nurse. I enjoy being healthy and smoking a fair amount of cannabis daily. Here for a good time, and hopefully a long time

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  • Cannabis stocks rally after Chuck Schumer leads drive for reforms that may end federal prohibition

    Cannabis stocks rally after Chuck Schumer leads drive for reforms that may end federal prohibition15

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    • February 3, 2021

    Cannabis stocks were mostly higher Tuesday after three Democratic senators led by Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said they would make reform legislation a key priority in the current Congress, bolstering hopes for an end to federal prohibition. Schumer, along with Sens. Ron Wyden of Oregon and Cory Booker of New Jersey, said in a joint statement that

  • How to Make Blood Orange Wonuts

    How to Make Blood Orange Wonuts1

    These blood orange weed shaped waffle donuts are to die for. They’re fresh, fruity, and well worth the effort. It’s almost Valentine’s Day, social-distancing orders aside, opting to stay in on February 14 does have its perks, after all. Let’s face it: Valentine’s Day 2021 is most likely not going to include dinner reservations at

  • Thailand serving up cannabis cuisine

    Thailand serving up cannabis cuisine2

    Thailand has a long and strong history with cannabis, from traditional medicine to the high-class black markets. The herb was legal up until the 1930s and widely used in traditional Thai medicine. Unfortunately, due to international pressure, Thailand started a process of drug prohibitions and introduced some of its first anti-drug laws. Now, almost 90 years

  • 420nurses on Cannabis Talk 101

    420nurses on Cannabis Talk 1010

    The founder of Cannabis Talk 101, Chris Wright, aka Blue, and the Pot Brothers at Law, Marc and Craig Wasserman shared something special: a passion for educating, advocating and defending members of the cannabis community. With Chris providing the platform, through radio, they would discuss the benefits of marijuana as well as the laws engulfing it. It wasn’t until early on in 2018