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    i have 9 yrs of cultivating this beautiful plant called cannabis. Moved to Colorado chasing my dream and establish genetics that I brought with me. Future plans is to have a charity garden and help the sick with this medicine.

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  • The Bay Chronicles Ft Al Freshko

    The Bay Chronicles Ft Al Freshko0

         California as a whole has a rich history. The Bay in particular is one of the most historic areas in America. The essence, vibe and multi culture embraces that area. The past year while visiting this beautiful city I got to experience the whole vibe out there. From crossing the Golden Gate Bridge ; to eating at the Cha Cha Cha Restaurant

  • Is fire an overrated term for cannabis?

    Is fire an overrated term for cannabis?0

    I have been smoking cannabis for quite some time. When you first start smoking; everything is either dope, fire, smoking, or dank. Now as the years have gone by, I understand everything from strains to phenos; indicas to sativas and hybrids. I fall in a world where people misuse the term fire when it comes