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    Matthew Lopez

    Matthew Lopez has been aiding the cannabis industry since 2010. He has extensive experience in a variety of fields including cannabis research, education, consulting, and advocacy.

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  • Improved Method For More Accurately Testing Medibles.

    Improved Method For More Accurately Testing Medibles.0

    With the growing number of states implementing programs permitting access to medical and recreational cannabis products, the need for accurately testing and maintaining quality control, dosing, and proper labeling of these products will also increase in importance as the industry progresses. At the 251st American Chemical Society (ACS) National Meeting and Expo in San Diego, Members of the ACS Cannabis Chemistry Sub-division came

  • Edible Sesh

    Edible Sesh0

    The Edible Sesh is an event dedicated to bringing out innovative ideas in cannabis infused cuisine. During the 2016 Memorial Day weekend, the event kicked off at the Los Angeles 420 Nurses Headquarters in the San Fernando Valley. As the judges chowed down on the various dishes, guests were treated with a host of music and festivities such

  • Fixing the Game- Posts From The San Diego Underground

    Fixing the Game- Posts From The San Diego Underground0

    As more and more places adopt regulations permitting the use of medical and recreational cannabis there are many  who have embraced the movement. Unfortunately, there are also numerous locations that have affected industry progress through overregulation, de facto bans, and otherwise unruly tactics that further hinder cannabis industry development. Many examples exist throughout the country and until there is full acceptance of cannabis and it’s benefits, it’ll be an

  • The Solution from Connoisseur Concentrates

    The Solution from Connoisseur Concentrates0

    Connoisseur Concentrates has been developing products for the cannabis industry since early 2014. Their recognized product- The Mr. Extractor- is a hyper passive closed loop system built to provide effective and efficient extraction without the need for excessive equipment. Their second product- The Solution – Has been providing vape  connoisseurs with an effective alternative to conventional PG and other ingredients.