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    Matthew Lopez

    Matthew Lopez has been aiding the cannabis industry since 2010. He has extensive experience in a variety of fields including cannabis research, education, consulting, and advocacy.

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  • Cannabis Quality Control Summit

    Cannabis Quality Control Summit0

    Events such as the High Times Cannabis Cup, Chalice, and the various mini expos that spring up throughout the cannabis community continue to grow and gain popularity and as the cannabis movement continues to thrive. As they do, so too will the growing demand for more events that cater to the daily consumer and enthusiast. However one aspect of

  • Namaste and Chill with Betty Khronic

    Namaste and Chill with Betty Khronic0

    Betty Khronic is an edible company that has been in establishment since January 2016. What originally began as a way of providing patients with worry-free / effective vegan edible options. It has quickly grown to accommodate a multitude of collectives through California. We spoke with Katina Morales (aka: Betty Khronic.) and Mike Garcia about their product: What

  • Eureka Vapor

    Eureka Vapor0

    Cannabis Extracts are continuing to gain popularity in both the recreational and medicinal cannabis market. There are many different methods in which they are produced, refined, and prepared to fit the needs of the various users who have grown to enjoy their effectiveness, convenience, and discreetness. Since 2011, Eureka Vapor has been producing refined co2 cannabis

  • California’s Chalice Festival 2016

    California’s Chalice Festival 20160

    Chalice is a well known event dedicated to all things art, music, and cannabis. On July 8th-10th, the event took place at the San Bernardino Fairgrounds in Victorville. The fairgrounds consisted of an enormous network of booths and vendors showcasing everything from the newest edibles, topicals, and non-smoking products, to the numerous flower and genetics companies who featured the latest and greatest of cannabis strains. The sheer number of extract artists who came