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    A little about myself, I'm a newcomer to the indoor grow scene and have been a gardener/grow-op tech for the last 2 years with 5 harvests under my belt. I'm a 37 year old avid cannabis smoker since the 90s and I have always wanted to see the day that we can publish legitimate consumer product reviews because the stigma of back alley DRUG deals were lifted. I get less and less "what's that smell" looks and more "can I hot that" looks. I grew up in the heart of Los Angeles and saw the lows and highs of the medical and recreational Marijuana culture and lifestyle for the city. Although I came up in the Chronic Era with Garcia vaga twisted dub sacks, I always had friends with different ways of enjoying our favorite herb. I frequently attend various local cannabis events such as HT Cannabis Cup, LA secret sess, Compass Sess, and most recently  (Saturday) Kushtock.

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