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    My name is Dazed. I live in a small town in Central CT where I spend majority of my time modeling, writing, painting, taking care of my animals, and raising the awareness of cannabis. Cannabis was the medication that saved my life. No more 13 pills a day and having all of the nasty side effects of pharma. Ever since I realized the beauty of cannabis, I've been wanting to spread the word of this beautiful plant and the miracles it preforms. I'm a part of the 420 Nurses, the largest growing cannabis community built by the two most inspirational people I've ever met. It's an honor to be able to be in the cannabis community with some of the most knowledgeable women in the industry. Find me in the links below!

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  • #TuffysFight: Cannabis for Epilepsy Foundation

    #TuffysFight: Cannabis for Epilepsy Foundation0

    When Tatyana “Tuffy” Rivera was just 10 months old, she suffered a reaction to one of the many, many pharmaceuticals she was given for her epilepsy. She was in severe danger of having her airway closed off and not being able to breathe. “These drugs either did nothing or made her worse,” says Ricardo Rivera,