For marijuana, these are the best of times and these are the worst of times. So what can the future possibly bring? This editor’s opinion.

Jack Herer once said, ‘medical marijuana is the worst thing to happen to pot.’ No matter how you interpret that statement, there is no denying that the medical side of cannabis has and is lighting the doorway to reducing the stigma about pot, or cannabis, as they name it in official studies. In anything nefarious cannabis is always called pot.

State of Marijuana office building

With the State of Marijuana conference acknowledging and AB266 language creating the new union/mafia ‘Distributor’ category with no ‘state-only’ limits, the mob could be policing who is dealing marijuana. It is expected that the Las Vegas branch of the family will set things up in California. After the new limits for medical marijuana patients are set [based on the Illinois MMJ guidelines], the current network of doctors issuing recommendations will be outlawed thus thwarting HIPAA. The same draconian measures against organic food in the DARK ACT will be used against organic pot grows. This is all set to happen starting in 2018.

One of the main suppositions of Ch 20 in Memoirs of Mr. Pete & Mary Jane Green is based off High Times editor Chris Bennett and his proof that cannabis is in the Bible. The extrapolation of that path leads to the heart of Rastafarianism, Hebrew Jesus, a different figure than the one they claim in Europe.

Ordinarily I would put a disclaimer that I wasn’t proselytizing but here I don’t feel a need to. We all see the false Christs, the hypocrisy, and the bigots.

On the basis of the ‘What If ‘ conception made popular by the comic book series Superman, What If Jesus was a smoker?

The historical lifestyle similarities with JC are dealt with in Ch 20* but the points we need to look at are in different areas of the NT.

Factual narrative offers proof that Jesus had magic gifts such as telepathy, premonition, and shape-shifting though those words didn’t exist when the ancient texts were written. These three talents in particular saved his bacon on a number of occasions. And these three talents stem more from a magical attainment than something miraculous like raising the dead, which is spectacular and attention-drawing.

With the title of ‘Christ’ being attached to anointing with cannabis oil and the miracle of Hanukkah coming through cannabis oil, the use of cannabis in this new age could parallel the days when Rome hunted Christians and they used the sign of the fish in the sand. Except we are coming out of a night period of cannabis ignorance with the proposed forward momentum of legalization even for commercialization.

With the stage set at present to bloat the profit over the patient, to monopolize the distribution of medicine, all at the whim of the uninitiated, t’would be magic to see a happy ending. Magic.

In fact, the term ‘magic’ encompasses possibly volumes of technical jargon explaining a phenomena we witness that isn’t a trick. Being hard-wired for a ‘magical’ plant could enable a David win in the face of Goliath. What if the New Testament was meant for the 420 crowd? We can only hope.

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PT Rothschild

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