Are you going to the Friday night sesh?

Are you going to the Friday night sesh?

When the 420nurses first opened their Canoga Park 2,000 SqFt facility in the Summer of 2014, a social event was held for the Grand Opening. This was one of the 1st social event smoking sesh of its kind in the LA local area. The crowd built up quickly to well over several hundred and many got gift bags. The San Fernando Valley could hardly wait for more social gatherings.


Where many of us have a hard time finding places to chill and smoke out with our buddies, 420nurses has opened the doors for various smoke friendly events. One of which recently has come to our lucky town every Friday Night, cleverly named the ‘Friday Night Sesh.’

Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 6.38.19 PM

Beginning this networking journey, its no surprise that cannabis, music, food and a good environment make a perfect combination. There are new themes for every week like movie night, video game night, etc. Being able to smoke in peace and vibe with the community, without driving a great distance, is a blessing to the SFV patients.
This is way better than just swinging by my clinic to pick up”
Many attending patients take this night as an opportunity to meet the representatives behind the cannabis products directly, grab their medication, and enjoy a fun scene while medicating.
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Last week among many other cool things to do, everyone watched Pineapple express. An awesome stoner flick about a rare strain of marijuana and a murder mystery. The promoters over at Friday Night Sesh definitely know how to throw a good party and allow the attendees to have a great time. They have some really great vendors coming out every week and more in the near future, ones that you definitely won’t want to miss.
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If you are interested in attending a future event, you can purchase tickets online and at the door.
You will find event information by clicking here
Photography by : Alanna You

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