Yesterday, a sparsely attended press conference in LA, gave rise that 2016 cannabis legalization is anyone’s horse race in California.

Starting promptly at 10AM in front of a mass of video and still cameras of various youtube/civilian journalists, like myself, gathered to hear the CCPR [Coalition for Cannabis Policy Reform] and California NORML mark the 100th Anniversary of the first pot bust recorded [another 9-11] under the new law snuck by Congress through changing the cannabis name to ‘marihuana’ later spelled correctly as marijuana [‘Mary Jane’]. They made declaration to end this injustice by 2016.

Various speakers delivered speeches detailing the historic and racial intent present from the beginning of the new law enacted a year before the bust.

CCHI2016 with Jeanette, Valorie, Patrick, and me 9-11-2014

Like the 420Nurses, the NEWS is in the thick of things.

Drafted to hold a CCHI banner by one of that group’s inner ballsy members, I was positioned behind the speaker’s podium, not the best place for a set of ears with the concert tour miles mine have on them. Most of those who spoke were accustomed to talking to crowds.

The lineup of civic speakers was sounded right out of a movie script for being technical and the token black, the latest head of the LA Chapter NAACP, looked like Betty’s father in Riverdale from the version when Betty was a Negro and Archie co-mingled. Suddenly I could understand Donald Sterling getting two [almost] awards from the LA group, costing the former leader his job as fallout from the Clippers scandal. The awareness level of Blacks in the NAACP seems like in the days of Amos ‘n Andy, radio version. How can you leave the ghetto that much and still be in the ghetto? Is the allure of being in LA that mesmerizing when coupled with middle class values and religions?

The lack of a real crowd commemorating the very first rollup for weed ever was not attended by any throngs of blacks, any groups of Latinos,  religious organizations, unions, or health food activists, though the people speaking would be those representing such groups. Official speakers who pull no audience paints an interesting metaphor for so hot a topic, don’t you agree?

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PT Rothschild

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