Alpaca Grinders.

Alpaca Grinders.

Grinders are simple tools useful for breaking up various plant materials. From dried spices to coffee beans and edible herbs, these simple setups are useful for a variety of products. Cannabis flower consumers have made considerable use of these devices to produce a more enjoyable experience, their valuable ability to finely shred dried plant material into more usable granules produces a more efficient / even burn when using pipes or rolling papers as well as greater efficiency when using vaporizers. Finely shredded material is also important when producing edibles and certain types of cannabis concentrates.

Herb grinders have remained relatively unchanged with the exception of handled, battery powered, and flat shredder versions; by far the most important addition to the conventional grinder is the inclusion of sift screens to capture excessive pollens that break off when grinding the vital plant material. Although it can be recovered later,  this action results in a small loss of potency from the original source material, and dispensing it by hand results in sticky fingers and untidy applications. For people who are interested in alleviating these problems there is Alpaca Grinders from Seattle, Washington.

Alpaca Grinders are a completely redone approach to traditional herb grinder designs. It has been built to both grind and dispense simultaneously to avoid unnecessary touching, pinching, and messy handling of the grinded material. Simply place the desired amount into the aluminum top, rotate, and allow the titanium double helix below to funnel the plant material into the desired apparatus. When not in use, a small rubber plug can be used to keep material contained while a rare earth magnet keeps the top firmly in place.

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We spoke with Chase from Alpaca Grinders to find out more about their unique design:

What first inspired the creation of the Alpaca Grinders?

“We were aware of the shortcomings conventional grinders had and so we sought out a way to both alleviate those issues and simplify the process itself. We began with the design and prototype stage in early 2014. It took two years of redesigning and perfecting the product until it met our strict specifications. We publically announced Alpaca in January 2016.

What sets the Alpaca Grinder apart from traditional setups?

“Our dispensing design makes grinding far easier, faster and more efficient. We also focus on premium materials; the grinder itself is cut from a solid block of aircraft-grade aluminum resulting in razor-sharp teeth. We also apply an anodized coating to both the aluminum top and titanium dispensing screw to greatly increase durability while the cone housing is made from ultra-durable polycarbonate.”


What does the future hold for Alpaca Grinder?

“We’ll be launching the Alpaca Grinder in the beginning of February 2016. We are offering a 30% discount on orders placed in February. The next step will be to take the Alpaca global: we are in talks with dozens of major wholesalers, distributers, and shops who will be carrying them. In the end though, our biggest focus is making people’s experience more pleasant and efficient.”

We would like to thank Chase for taking the time to speak with us about their amazing product. For more information on Alpaca Grinders, you can visit their website at:




Photos / Video Provided By: Alpaca Grinders.

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