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Author w/ Melissa Balin 1-19-13 LA NORML event

Author w/ Melissa Balin 1-19-13 LA NORML event

sooner or later the question of why pot is illegal will be kicked around like a Super Bowl football. Without going into the same old tired reasons we have all heard before, the real reason put forth by the RAND Corporation, a think tank often used by the CIA (still), is revealed by the following excerpt from Memoirs of Mr. Pete & Mary Jane Green, Amazon $19.99 $17.99

Chapter 6 – Bongzapoppin’, pg.66-67

‘Steph chimed in at this point, “Hemp can be grown and harvested in six months. Do you know how long it takes a tree to grow?”

At last a question that I could answer. “Twenty years”, I piped up.

Steph went on saying, “Do you know what trees do? They clean up the air. They take all the shit that we put into the atmosphere from cars and smoke stacks and give back oxygen. And what do we do, we chop trees down and turn them into paper, something toss into the trash heap or burn up, creating even more pollution. How stupid is that? Hemp is something we could grow every six months and not ever have to touch a tree again, not to mention how many small farmers it would help out financially.”

“Hemp is a treat to the way of life to everyone who makes fifty-thousand a year or more. If legalized it would change the entire financial structure of this country.”

“And pot is feared because of something else.” John held out his hands as if to embrace our little group. “What brought you to my house in the first place? Do you go to my church? Do you live on my street? Are you some kin to me? Do we travel in the same circles? Are we the same race? Why did we meet? You were looking for some weed to smoke and you guessed from my appearance that I probably smoked pot.”

He was right of course.

“Pot brings people together who otherwise would not be brought together and what do people talk about when they get together?”

I looked at him blankly, but I was stoned too.

“What are we talking about right now?”


“The government and how they are screwing us over one way or another. If all the people came together on any issue as one, they would greatly outnumber the few who are in power. That’s the other thing that scares the hell out of the government. As long as we are divided by class, divided by color, divided by religion, divided by our differences, then the government can rule over us, and they do because we are all separated from each other by their imposed pigeonholing of everyone through every government form that you fill out, even a traffic ticket.”’ – taken from a conversation with John and Stephanie Dunn, 1976, in Iowa.

PT Rothschild

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