All Aboard The Canna Cruise

All Aboard The Canna Cruise


September 13, 2015 marks the day of the first ever Canna Cruise Experience. An awareness event and fundraiser organized by the CanI?Liv foundation in an effort to bring more attention to the thriving cannabis community and to raise awareness/funds for a truly worthy cause.

The CanI?Liv Foundation has been contributing its efforts since its development in April 2014. Founded in California, it is a non-profit organization formulated to provide education, aide, advocacy, and administer safe access to quality cannabis therapeutics and homeopathic healthcare to qualified individuals who are not able to afford their medication.

We had the wonderful opportunity of speaking with Aja of the CanI?Liv foundation to ask what motivates them to contribute to this cause:


What first inspired you to create the CanI?Liv Foundation?

“We noticed a lack of leniency when it came to affordability and access to cannabis medications for terminal patients. It is a common story where all too often sick patients are incapable of clocking in and earning a wage that grants them access to their necessary treatment. We began by reaching out to several potential investors with the idea of a wellness facility that would include comprehensive cannabis prescription services for needy patients at no cost. However we received mixed emotions as investors are often reluctant to give up services free of charge. That put us in a position to try and do this on our own. We eventually decided to reach out to the cannabis community for info and it seems that everyone has came to agreement: That a fundraising event would receive the most positive feedback.”

Do you have any plans for the future?

“Our goal is still to establish a wellness facility in the state of California. By wellness facility, we do not mean dispensary, we mean a comprehensive healthcare facility where needy or even terminal patients can first receive medical data from their respective doctors and insurance groups, then come to us for proper information and assistance on cannabis holistic health services. This gives patients more availability and access to greater options when it comes to treating their ailments. Although the Canna Cruise Experience is our first event, it certainly won’t be our last.”

How has the community responded to the Canna Cruise / CanI?Liv Foundation?

“We have received a ton of support from the wonderful people who have lend themselves to this experience. It has become truly apparent that our goal is to help patients in need. We are extremely thankful to have the help of The Eternity at Electra Cruises and the support of all our awesome sponsors and speakers. All these contributions are a true example of the cannabis industry coming together to make a difference. We’d like to think of cannabis as more then just an industry, its a community, and as a community, we come together to help each other.”



We’d like to thank the CanI?Liv Foundation for taking the time to chat with us and for contributing all their hard work to the progression of the many benefits of medicinal cannabis.

For more information on the CanI?Liv Foundation or the Canna Cruise Experience. You can visit there sight at:


Bon Voyage




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