Adam Reetz Glass Expo. Day 2 At Captain Ed’s

It was another day of gorgeous glass art at the famous Captain Ed’s in San Fernando. This time featuring some expert crafts and collaborations from artist Adam Reetz.



Nov 16th, 2014 – As an eager crowd of people who braved the wind and cold gathered among the many posters and products, we patiently waited for the amazement that lay in the very next room. When the curtain lifted, the weather was quickly forgotten, and as the lights shined bright on some of the most amazing art pieces, we got to take a glimpse into the many different concepts and styles that Adam Reetz can produce. For the past six years he has been developing his use of geometric patterns that are indeed complex, colorful, and utterly brilliant to look at.


It was a total feast for the eyes, each and every piece with it’s own unique features. However there was also a unifying theme among the glass works. We asked Adam about some of his influences, arts, and what tied his lovely pieces together. One major influence in his artistry comes from the world of sacred geometry and the natural shapes, patterns, and designs that occur throughout our universe. In addition to his functional glass art, Adam Reetz  also had several examples of his pendant work. Some were unveiled under a black light to display theIr glowing patterns.


It was difficult to choose a favorite. However there is one piece that does not fail to stand out among the displays. This devilishly gorgeous piece. Like many of Adam’s artworks, One simple photo is not enough to grasp the depths and details that lie present in some of his pieces.


While speaking to him, Adam mentioned that this event was his first featured glass gallery. From what was presented that night, it is safe to say that we can expect to see more outstanding and exemplary artworks from him. We would like to thank Adam Reetz for taking the time to speak with us, and also to thank Captain Ed’s for another wonderful night of music, glass art, and memories.


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