Move over Dr. Sanjay with your media vocals about cannabis oil, 420Nurse Abbysis’ article draws more real endorsements.

The brand 420Nurses is the hottest brand going for young model patients for 3 reasons. There is the vendor endorsement which generates green income in the hottest job market, the cannabis world for today’s Jetsons.

420 and leading the way in tech savvy

The excitement of being part of a future coupled with a sisterhood of like souls is a reward all itself in the business world for liberal styled growth.

The second reason for brand motivation is the activist/artist freedom side of expression. With the bottom line of [helping to bring about] legalization of cannabis, that mandate isn’t the only cause celebrated or supported by the brand. The GMO labeling/protests, political data mining, autism rallies, LGBT events, and other topical causes are soap-boxed here along with photo art, which is eye-catching and original. This type of freedom brings forth your ‘inner ballerina’ for the camera to catch.

420 and blond and baked smoking with pot sox

Perhaps the third reason is the most obscure as well as the most compelling magically. Much like Rosie the Riveter became the personification of the WW ll American female can-do effort, so the image of a 420Nurse is destined to become the personification for today’s female can-do effort toward cannabis health, education, and beauty products. Though this logo recognition may be unintended, the natural connection is as familiar as mom & apple pie, a yawn with sleep, or a lamb and soft gentleness.


This medicine/nurse association is the reason for the forthcoming steady trickle of ‘cannabis cured me’ communiques the honest article by 420Nurse Abbysis generated from those happy to share the good news of restored health without any government oversight or profit-taking.

Please take a moment to read the comments from the original article here because in 2016 ‘someone’ is going to make pot legal in California. Sponsor a 420Nurse! The War is on!

PT Rothschild

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