Tucked away on a busy boulevard in the San Fernando Valley resides the famous Captain Ed’s. As a glass gallery and smoke shop, Captain Ed’s offers a glimpse into some of the most wonderful borosilicate glass artistry around. Last weekend we were given a glimpse into the mind of an amazing artist who is quickly gaining a name for himself throughout the glass blowing industry.

captain eds front entrance

Brendan Taylor, aka BMFT, has been making his glass pieces since 2009. While learning from well recognized names in the AZ area, he decided to make a bet on himself, taking what money he had and investing in his own equipment. In a few short years he quickly gained a reputation for his artistic and innovative approaches to borosilicate glass. He has come all the way from Denver to show some of his amazing and one of a kind pieces and collaborations.

Captain Ed's picture 2 piece


As the sun began to set and the music began to play, a crowd of fans and enthusiasts gathered around the famous murals, eagerly waiting to see what was inside. The door opened to a brightly lit room filled with wonders beyond imagination. Innovations and one- off collaborations were from such names as Joe Peters, Nathan Miers, Calm, and many more. The display cases were lined up with shapes and colors that push the limits of modern glass artwork. When asked about how long it takes to create one of these masterpieces. BMFT answered:

“Depending on the piece or the collab, it can take anywhere from hours to days. It all comes down to the idea and the approach.”

The night continued on with smiles and photo opportunities all around. The employees maintained the interest of the spectators by enthusiastically pointing out key details that would otherwise be missed by the wandering eye. The various concepts and designs ranged from simple and elegant to technical and complex. Among them were pieces which were developed as a set and others simply meant to make you smile.

Captain Ed's picture 3 piece set


Glass pipe art has been around for decades. However, with the rising number of people in favor of cannabis legalization, as well as the emergence of the “dabbing” lifestyle, what was once considered to be merely a counter-culture is drastically escalating into the spotlight. The two have always gone hand in hand, but it is only in these past few years that we have seen such an advent of up and coming talent who bring a new appreciation through their beautiful glass creations.

We’d like to thank Captain Ed’s, who have assured us that they will be having future events featuring more amazing up and coming artists.
We’d also like to thank BMFT, a true artist well known for his kind words, concepts, and smiles.

[Story by Matt Lopez, NEWS.420Nurses.com]

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