A plant is just a plant

A plant is just a plant

A plant is just a plant, until you find a purpose for it to exist.

Marijuana has been around for hundreds of years, and yet only recently have we began to delve into the depths of its wonderment. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to smoke some of your grandma’s bud?(let’s imagine for a second everyone has a chill ass grandma).. Well it wouldn’t even compare to what you’re use to.. If fact, you probably wouldn’t even be effected by it, according to today’s “tolerance levels”. That’s because the strains you’re use to smoking have been modified to produce the most THC/CBD available. There has been so much research and science applied to this plant because of the numerous ailments it can assist, most of us aren’t even aware of its medicinal properties for other species!

Did you know CBD tincture and capsule have been used to cure cancer in dogs, cats & horses since the early 90’s? And race horses in rehab are given small doses of THC to help with muscle spasms and strains. In the early 20th century horses were actually the initial cannabis patients, having it prescribed by veterinarians for things like colic and hysteria, it was said to have a sort of “hypnotic effect” on the large animal like nothing else ever had. It was only after using cannabis for human ailments for decades did the government & pharmaceutical industry see it as a threat and then the propaganda started.

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