The buzz about Hillary Clinton is as fake and toxic as Spice. CNN and the HuffPost are both spewing made-up propaganda or ‘bullshit’ in order to deceive potential voters. But this farce isn’t going unnoticed or unreported. The following report comes from TYT or The Young Turks.

As a politician, Hillary Clinton has few equals, male or female, as a glance here at her resume will show. Always the over-achiever, this real life Lisa Simpson plays a lot better as a moral cartoon than does the actual person. Again this pandering issue-chasing lawyer tries to appeal that she has a vagina rather than any original statements concerning real issues non-1% citizens have. Her platform continues to develop from what the opposition addresses first. Once again we hear from TYT regarding Hillary’s latest political ad.

People like Hillary Clinton are the people you meet and greet at social gatherings for Monsanto, a company her law firm represents or did for years. The feeling that comes off people like this is one of ‘being soulless’ or showing no real connection or concern. People like this exist all over the country and in almost every location this is ‘civilized’ but the heartfelt believe is that real people outnumber people like Hillary. That is the reason to ignore the mainstream message of Hillary being THE front-runner, the people’s choice, and any other ‘Survey Says’ nonsense.

Hillary pandering for cool votes

Encourage all to vote against this poser and shill for everything that is wrong in the world, this witch who is evil. And remember, not all witches are evil, so don’t forget Glenda and those like her. In times like these you can’t get enough ‘good magic’ in the picture.

420 and a puff of magic air

Now spread this word!

PT Rothschild

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