Getting off the phone with John Diaz, the OC coordinator for label GMOs who recently helped host a kickoff event for Brett Wilcox, a man from Alaska, the latest state to think going green, Mary Jane Green, I reflected back over what I had concluded to John about Occupy LA. John is a MMJ patient at night only but we had met and bonded at the LA protest movement several years ago.

In camp, as we called the park around DTLA’s city hall which surrounded the tall picturesque structure known to many as the Daily Planet building, there was a large impromptu mural painted which expressed the theme behind Occupy. It was a theme that the many ‘news’ reporters missed somehow. That theme was and is this. All the various causes, from police brutality to illegal foreclosure to drug wars to corporations as people, are all being propagated by the same small 1% group aided by their sycophants and cronies.

This core group was expressed in the mural as a giant squid or kraken and each arm represented a different cause battle that affected us. Recognizing that we were all under the same giant machination big top brought us together as one. As one, we all enjoyed Mary Jane Green’s company, even the handicapped blind, far more than cigarettes.

As you read these words another cause is forming which will unite us again house on moon is L-shapedunder a big top. Right now both the Chinese and the American governments are advancing to gain knowledge about a mysterious structure, one of two tracked from deep space that has landed on the moon. The L-shaped ‘craft’ pictured here now rests in a crater the size of the city of Chicago and light has been detected coming from seven different areas inside the structure.

There have been no hostile motions from the craft but with our ‘Stand Your Ground’ thinking, if they come in peace, that status may not last long. Optimistically the Chinese will be more open to asking questions first rather than shooting from the hip.

Although we hope, like Marvin the Martian, they will say something like ‘Take Me To Your Weed’ instead of coffee, we as 420 patients, models, and fans, are to the outside world, including pot heads, ‘stoned’ rather than medicated, stupid rather than activists, and pushovers for profit rather than compassionate. For that reason it is imperative that this NEWS site be ahead of the curve instead of behind it. The link to this complete story is here.

PT Rothschild

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