You may think as you inhale your cannabis that no one is counting on stoners or medical marijuana patients to impact this mid-term election. Pot people don’t vote and Republicans hate weed. On these two points of view you would be wrong, however.

Let’s take the point pot people don’t vote. This is a popular misconception. After all, someone voted in Prop 64 and made pot legal to be recreational and taxed. Prop 64 was done by people who pay this man, a member of the Democrat Party in San Bernardino. He was caught smuggling two tons of pot through Texas for some campaign funds to the Hillster. Remember this for later, there will be a quiz.

The people who voted against Prop 64, hint, the ones who read it and knew better than believe the Prop 64 Dems (old stoner activists but ‘tapped out’ on comprehension like Lanny Swerdlow) who politicked through Cali, were also voters. The two bottom lines add up to a good number of total voters. If you follow the money and read past the first three sentences of Prop 64, you’ll understand why both groups of voters are now united against Anything Democrat Party. Point 0ne.

Point Two, let’s take Republicans and weed. As anyone who has been following the weed scene, whether medical or recreational, one feature stands out! Weed or Mary Jane Green is not just for hippies, slackers, and political activists anymore. Today the main ingredient in the future economy is cannabis, hence the Democrat’s slush fund Prop 64.

This point hasn’t been lost of on the most outspoken President of them all, the business mogul, Donald Trump. If you’ve been getting all your news from Establishment media, sans FOX, then let me be Get Shorty with you and tell you how it really is.

Thanks to medical marijuana and cannabis products like hemp and CBD for pain, what was once cool is now red hot. Republicans, a party of ‘you work – you eat’ sees this opportunity. This is opposed to the Democrats, a party who promised NORML to people like a carrot but doubled down worse than Bush under ex-pot head, Barack Obama [see archives]. The Dems are a party of ‘you work – we eat’.

Donald Trump believes in medical cannabis because he is a businessman and a person of the people, not someone like #MeSioux Senator and Harvard Law Professor, Elizabeth Warren, also a Democrat whiter than Vanilla Ice, as seen here with ‘Mom of the Year’.

In short, the Democrats promise and the Republicans deliver, especially after they found some backbone. If you look at the Props, almost all that want your money are sponsored by the Democrat Party. Recent revelations [Donna Brazile, DHC, Seth Rich, John Podesta, Deep State, etc] have shown voters which party has the present concerns of citizens covered with religious and Constitutional liberties.

For pot smokers this means seeing the whole picture. It’s quiz time. Ever hear of KUSHStock, a cannabis festival for the people, supposedly represented more by the Democratic Party. Just this year, the year after the Dems got pot legal, the festival was to be head in San Bernardine. Because of Democrat forces who are retarded in reacting to cannabis throughout mostly Democratic Riverside County, pot shops and all festivals have been pushed to the outer limits of California, a transportation nightmare unless highly mobile, eliminating the common as a weed category of citizenry. Thanks, SB Democrats.

Extra Credit. Remember this guy, Lanny Swerdlow, the activist in the picture below.

Going in to Prop 64 Lanny had a popular radio show, a medical marijuana farmer’s market and clinic, dispensing fairly pricey recommendations medical marijuana, and he was a nurse. He is also a Democrat. Now he is a Democrat, a nurse, and attends hearings about what is to happen to his field of livelihood. Like the guy in the picture below, the SEIU replacement for Debbie Wasserman Schultz, no one outside his family and peeps knows his name.

One last point. The War for this country, based on an ages old technique of invasion, started this past Saturday from Honduras and for now has stopped in Mexico. This was started by the forces behind the Democrat Party, SJWs, and Leftists, who are all globalists.

Vote your future this coming mid-term election. There is still time to register and be sure to vote in person. Experience the day, if possible. And if you don’t vote but happen to know someone who does, well…

PT Rothschild

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