Meet 420nurse Intern Wonder Tay

Meet 420nurse Intern Wonder Tay

420nurse Intern Wonder Tay was Model of the Month for February 2016! This beautiful 420 model and activist is so active on the 420nurses social network, if you sign in right now, you’re likely to find this cutie online networking.


Or maybe just smoking something nice 😉


“Hello fellow 420 activists my name is Wonder_tay! I am a 420 friendly promotional model and I have done a few varieties of modeling. My goal is to find an employer who wants to put my skills to good use in the cannabis community! I am very passionate about getting marijuana legalized and I would like to find a company that could put me right into the middle of the action! Whether it be through collecting signatures, working events, or promotional modeling/advertising I am very eager to work!”



“I would also be interested in other positions in the up and growing marijuana business such as bud tending, trimming, or growing. Aside from that I am also focused on sending out a positive and happy vibe to everybody. I want to inspire people, make them laugh, make them happy! I want people to feel that I am their friend even if we have never met. It is very important to me that I send out the right message to everybody who needs a friend.”


42nurse Intern Wonder Tay was also chosen for this last weeks Nurses Orders which was headshots (featured in this story) we would like to congratulate  her on her progress as a growing model and welcome any businesses or photographers interested in working with a dedicated 420 model to follow , become her fan on and contact her for work!

Headshots are an model’s business card. 420nurse Wonder Tay and her photographer did a great job on capturing great angles in great lighting! This is what the Nurses Orders are all about, making progress and practicing for your portfolio. These 420nurses Nurses Orders are posted bi-weekly so you models and photographers have 1 week to shoot and 420nurse officials have 1 week to review!

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