420nurses LEADERS

420nurses LEADERS

Chapter Leaders are the foundation of the 420Nurses and a new way of creating a powerful Worldwide household brand. Chapter Leaders belong to one of four rankings including President, Vise-President, Director and Secretary.  Leaders of the chapter become the face for the local community and lead others to join 420Nurses , bringing unity & awareness in promoting themselves as a Chapter. Chapter Leaders are placed on the top program for the affiliate Program and are eligible to VOTE.  Form your 420nurse group get your Chapter Starter Kit now.


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You first must operate a 420nurse Group before you become a Chapter. During this time as a group leader you must recruit 3 New interns into your group to fill in the required positions to start a chapter which are Chapter President, Chapter Vise President , Chapter Director, and Chapter Secretary.  The four generally make up the “board” officers of the chapter / group.  Being a Chapter Leader requires Self Motivation , Talented Individuals that are able to work in teams and must have the drive to be successful. (And Good Looking! 😉 In the Circle of 420nurses the hardest task goes to the chapter leaders as they are expected to lead and build a successful chapter with all the bumps life throws at us. Do you feel like you have what it takes?



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