420nurses Intern? What is that?

420nurses Intern? What is that?

Have you heard of the 420nurses? Chances are if you attend marijuana expos, visit local 420 dispensaries, or are apart of the cannabis social media movement, you most definitely have. The 420nurses is a social network for models to display beauty and for future models. Individual models and photographers can sign up to become a 420nurse and promote on the website.

The 420Nurses was born late 2009 in Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA by a group of young motivated women looking for a home where they could be themselves and share positive influences. The website was launched right after in February 2010 which instantly became more than just a brand, it is now a huge movement for women who are striving to network at a larger scale with cannabis. The 420Nurses is an Open Agency welcoming newcomers on a regular basis. Being part of the 420nurses is a privilege that can expedite any girl’s dream of becoming a model, Photographer, or Makeup Artist.


420Nurses recognizes positive self motivation as a key to accomplishing goals. In order to move up in any system or in life you must go through stages. You can live anywhere in the world, all that is required is passion, dedication and a love for the 420Nurses lifestyle. We know what you’re thinking, WHERE DO I SIGN UP???? The first step to become a 420nurses is to sign up to 420nurses.com.


If you have never modeled before, no worries, the website instantly connects you with hundreds of experienced users on the site who are ready to help. Simply Do it Yourself pictures at home are always a great start.


Once you learn the ropes on 420nurses.com and start promoting yourself, you will be wondering how to attend more awesome events, get your modeling photos seen, and raise more awareness for yourself as a budding model.


420nurses has a Starter Kit for Intern Models more commonly known as the intern kit. The Kit will bump you up to intern status, plus provide you with all the gear and tools you will need to further network and promote.  The Intern Kit is 79.99 on store.420nurses.com and includes the following:

• 1000 Business Cards,

• 420Nurse HAT,

• 420Nurse BAG

• Three Tank tops

• Pictures Featured on 420Nurses.com

• Access to Photo-shoots, Events

• Upgrade to INTERN on 420nurses.com

•  Upgraded commission rate for affiliate store $$$$

• Be part of 420Nurses.com Magazines, Stickers, Posters & More!

• Be eligible to start your Own Chapter and become OFFICIAL Intern


With this awesome kit, you will be invited to events and/or creating your own, and on your journey to success with this 420 MMJ brand.


One of the About Me info columns on 420nurses.com asks……. “Why a 420nurse??”

Here’s what a few of the girls said


Kooki Munsta, Official Intern, Whittier, California

Why a 420Nurse?:
why not 420 nurses?! This group of woman help you grow within yourself. Ive never felt better about myself
DabDuchess, Intern, St. Augustine, Florida
Why a 420Nurse?:
I love medicine, peace, and love, laughter and making new friends and I want to model
Maggie Jane, Intern, Muskoka, Canada
Why a 420Nurse?:
All I have wanted to do since I can remember is make marijuana of any type, shape, size, smell, method, or form into people’s lives who have never been properly educated about it.



For all you stoner babes, ganja girls, 420 hunnys head over to 420nurses.com and start your career as a self promotional model today.




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