420nurses Headshots

420nurses Headshots

On 420nurses.com we have created “Nurses Orders”. These orders help get us 420nurses closer to our goals of becoming official! We will be doing different themes, and duties throughout the year.

Duties of last week’s Nurses orders are as follows:

-Pin on those 420nurse hats and get to those beautiful portraits. Headshots are great for casting and practice.
-Make sure you have created albums for your profile for easier viewing.

The individual chosen this week happens to be an active member and Vice President of the Orange County 420nurses Chapter.

Meet Crimson


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Setting up photoshoots on a regular basis, creating albums and sharing daily photos so we can enjoy them, staying active on 420nurses.com. Crimson’s activity is not only improving her fan base and experience, but she is also helping other girls along their journey of becoming official 420nurses!  If you haven’t, make sure to stop by her page on 420nurses.com and become her fan. http://420nurses.com/crimson/



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