420nurses Fun Themed Cooking Shoot

420nurses Fun Themed Cooking Shoot

Now that 420nurse models have done a few different angles of photography, headshots, body shots….. Last week the girls got to play with  fun themed photoshoots. Showing off every day things we do , sometimes exaggerated, makes for great lifestyle photography.

Last week’s Nurses Orders are as follows:

-Set up a cooking theme photo set in your 420nurse gear (can be as simple as putting together your favorite munchie snack, or baking a cake) Don’t be afraid to get a little messy, or sexy, or dramatic, nows the time to practice.
-Write a blog on your progress so far with photoshoots (include photos)
-Share with everyone on 420nurses.com & social networks using hashtags #420nurses #ilove420nurses



This week was a hard choice for judges, as so many beautiful models entered worldwide. However, every week we must chose a winner, and this week, we’d like to congratulate an individual working  hard as a new 420nurse in Los Angeles, CA.



Having submitted a beautiful set lounging in the kitchen, 420nurse Storm states in her blog, “I choose to do fruits because I like being guilt free when I indulge in munchie madness, and also because its Summertime ”





Even though she is not cooking, she is still putting together her favorite snack, and enjoying it for us all to see! We love that Storm wasn’t afraid to get a little messy on this one!


“I hope you all enjoy the photos &may it make you want to indulge in some tasty fruit.”

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