420nurses Full Body Shots

420nurses Full Body Shots

On 420nurses.com we have created “Nurses Orders”. These orders help get us 420nurses closer to our goals of becoming official! We have been doing different themes, and duties throughout this year.


Last week was all about bodyshots! Duties of last week’s Nurses orders are as follows:

-Get on your favorite 420nurse outfit and start by taking full body shots, while experimenting with different poses.

-Make sure you have created albums for your profile for easier viewing.


Each individuals progress as an aspiring 420nurse is always being reviewed! So making sure to always keep your profile fresh and updated is very important! This was a tough week for judges, because there were so many beautiful entries, and remember we are hosting this every week, so make sure to progress with each shoot in hopes for you to win!


Introducing Ganjagoddess from Las Vegas, Nevada. Logging in you might find her uploading new pictures, welcoming newcomers to 420nurses.com, writing blogs, and interacting with fans. This week her album was chosen for Nurses Orders. Having set up not one, but two photoshoots to expand her portfolio, Ganjagoddess is growing as a 420model on a daily basis.


Screen Shot 2015-07-06 at 12.29.30 PM5b4e5364b774c2b75a14317afef9059e_500

An active member of the growing chapter of Las Vegas 420nurses GanjaGoddess is on her way to becoming official. If you haven’t, make sure to stop by her page on 420nurses.com and become her fan. http://420nurses.com/Ganjagoddess/

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