420Nurses Danksgiving Holidaze

420Nurses Danksgiving Holidaze

A funny thing happens when you declare your love and appreciation for the beautiful Mary Jane. You gain another family. By standing up and saying that Cannabis is your medicine, you stand with millions of other patients that chose to medicate with marijuana. You are now a part of a community that will discuss ways to improve your life, ways to be more positive, and will reserve judgement. This amazing feeling of belonging is even stronger when you become a part of the 420Nurses.

Welcome to the 420Nurses Family! #420nursesphotography

Welcome to the 420Nurses Family! #420nursesphotography

One great things about family is that you will never have to celebrate the holidaze alone. And when you are a part of the 420Nurses family it means you never have to spend the holidaze unmedicated. So this Danksgiving the 420Nurses held a POTluck at the studio located in Canoga Park. They opened up their doors to official interns, interns, photographers, and any female 18+ interested in learning about this cannabian clan. Everyone brought their favorite dish, medicated or not, to share with their fellow ‘stoners’ and to enjoy an evening of good medicine, good food, and even better people.

One treat given to the 420Nurses family is the ability to medicate on the Award Winning Paris OG and Vader Extracts. Doctor K came to the Danksgiving POTluck and as usual made it an extra stoney time. He brought out the dankest buds you’ll ever see, the Paris OG, for the 420Nurses to smoke to their hearts content. And smoke we did! The blazing started with Doctor K’s four gram joint, continued with blunts being rolled, bowls being continually packed and then ended with a vaping session out of the Volcano. Doctor K’s Hitman glass rig was brought out along with the Darth Vader E-nail and dabbing on Vader Extracts commenced.

After everyone built up their appetite with free dabs of Paris OG Nug Run, it was time for some group munchies. Everyone grubbed on some of the usual Thanksgiving favorites, as well as junk food, desserts and plenty of bread. You could either eat a medicated dish or add your own stoney twist with the addition of Cannabutter to ensure you would be faded for days.

With plate in hand, the 420Nurses arranged themselves in true hippy circle fashion and discussed why they were thankful. Many responses included being thankful for the 420Nurses and the sense of community you gain from being a part of this movement. Others made sure to give thanks for just being alive, for every day is a miracle of life. But the most common answer was being thankful for family. No matter who that meant.

Through blood or friendship we cherish family because we know someone will be there when we fall. You can have hope that someone else gets it, that there is someone to blaze one with when times are rough, and that you are not alone. Join 420Nurses.com and expand your family today!


The 420Nurses, a Global, Caring, Sharing, and Unique Family! #420NursesPhotography

The 420Nurses, a Global, Caring, Sharing, and Unique Family! #420NursesPhotography


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