420 and high times stage with b and b nurse

San Bernardino was set ablaze on February 7 and 8th as the High Times Cannabis Cup hit town. Cannabis Enthusiasts and Businesses gathered from all around the nation to see what’s new in the world of Mary Jane. Like any good cannabis event, the 420Nurses were there in full force working the booths and promoting themselves around the NOS events center.

420Nurse Cherrybomb with David Arquette at Cannabis Cup 2015

Actor David Arquette with 420Nurse CherryBomb at Cup

Everywhere you looked you saw a 420Nurse with her nurses hat and a smile on, ready for the next person to dab out. The Vader Extracts booth was front and center at the Cannabis Cup with an incredibly large stage where shirts, hats, shatter, crumble, and flower were thrown out to the attendees by Doctor K and the 420Nurses.

Cha Cha VaVoom Wishing You a Happy High TImes!

Cha Cha VaVoom Wishing You a Happy High TImes from the Cannabis Cup!

The 420Nurses heading the Vader Extracts booth included Cha Cha VaVoom, Summer Rain, Luna Hash, Soy Joy, Tinker Toke Tink, PReTTYWiLDDD, OG Rylee, and Stella Blaze of the Los Angeles Chapter. Adding to the fun was the winner of the Twerk-Off, Pintsizelaya, representing the San Diego 420Nurses.

420 nurses and dab this

Off to the side of the stage was the dabbing area where patients could sample an array of Vader Extracts shatter and crumble, as well as try Vader Extracts’ brand new product, the Bongdom. The Bongdom is a silicone cover for your bong that it great for community events such as High Times, in helping to protect you from a stranger’s cold.

CherryPotJane Lending a Nurses Touch to Crown OG's Booth

CherryPotJane Lending a Nurses Touch to Crown OG’s Booth

420Nurses were in full force working for booths and promoting themselves around the Prop 215 area. Intern CherryPotJane was busy at work for Crown OG passing out T-shirts and encouraging patients to take photos at the digital photo booth.

420 and Blondandbaked with big joint at cannabis cup

420Nurse BlondandBaked, from Big Bear, CA

BlondeandBaked from Big Bear, California and Miss Brownie from Utah worked for Torchless Enail getting people to try an innovative way to dab. As well, official Intern Lexileggo of Colorado manned the 420Nurses booth selling 420Nurses gear at a great value.

Lovelyveibadabs Dabbing Out TheLitLatina with Illustrious Extracts

Lovelyveibadabs Dabbing Out TheLitLatina with Illustrious Extracts

The new San Diego Chapter was front and center at the Edabit710 and Illustrious Extracts booth. Lovelyveibadabs, TheLitLatina, AmberTrichomes420 and Pintsizelaya made sure everyone who sat at the Edabit710 Lounge booth was well looked after.

420 and pintsized laya in lounge area

420Nurse PintsizeLaya

A weary patient could sit down, kick back, talk to some very friendly faces, and take some delicious dabs with the help of a E-nail built into the coffee table. The Edabit710 is the creative answer to the questions “where can I put it?” The E-nail is built into the table so that the cable plugs directly into it and there is no worry of tripping over wires.

420 and dab lounge area

He felt The Force

Lovelyveibadabs and her San Diego ladies made sure no one left High Times without trying Illustrious Extracts.

420 and the lit latina takes a dab at the cannabis cup

TheLitLatina ghosts

Not every 420Nurse at the Cannabis Cup was working for someone else; some were at the Cannabis Cup promoting their own product. Official Intern Mary Jayne Elizabeth of the Las Vegas Chapter came to the Cup with GrlNxtDoor710 of the Michigan 420Nurses to promote their products at the Oasis Medical Seeds booth.

Mary Jayne Elizabeth and GrlNxtDoor710 with B-Real

Mary Jayne Elizabeth and GrlNxtDoor710 with B-Real

GrlNxtDoor710 was there getting businesses to hear about advertising in a novel way, the Dabkins, by printing their logo on alcohol wipe packs. This is the perfect product for the dabber who shares their medicine but wishes to not share their germs.

Mary Jayne Elizabeth was giving out samples and selling her CBD salve called Topical Healing Co. which is great for helping with joint pain, migraines, arthritis, skin conditions and many more ailments. Find both of these companies by these motivated, intelligent business women on instagram @dabkins and @topicalhealingcompany.

Nikki Lynn and Sativa Manning at Cannabiz Law

Nikki Lynn and Sativa Manning at Cannabiz Law

With the expansion of the High Times Cannabis Cup in San Bernardino also came the expansion of the presence of the 420Nurses. Nikki Lynn and Sativa Manning were busy at work for Cannabiz Law of Northern California informing people of their rights as patients.

420 and Greenwolf LA nurse

Along with the 420Nurses working at the Vader Extracts booth were tons of 420Nurses dabbing and smoking out patients at the Green Wolf Los Angeles Booth.

Jewels, Rosebudz, and Swisher Sweets medicated the patients on Loud Pack Extracts out of Hit Man Glass. Cherrybombb and Missy lit that Paris OG on fire for the patients craving flower at the Cup. And every patient walked away smiling and with blazing red eyes.

Cannabis cup high times cover with Chacha

The 420Nurses were a huge part of this year’s High Times and and an even bigger part of making Vader Extracts the number one booth. You can bet you will see this award winning combination at the rest of this year’s High Times Cannabis Cups around the Nation.


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  • lexileggo
    February 25, 2015, 1:23 am

    I had a blast at high times! It was so great seeing everyone again. I was so proud of #maryjayneelizabeth selling her own product #topicalhealingcompany. I loved seeing #420nurses everywhere working at all sorts of different booths. I cant wait until denver 2015!

  • Angela Asphyxia
    February 27, 2015, 1:47 am

    Great article! (:

  • Frenchie
    March 4, 2015, 2:11 am

    My 1st Cup…. It was absolutely….awesome!!!!!!!

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