As if to echo words in Abbysis’ fine article concerning the 420Nurses opportunity to practice your medicine, such an opportunity has just come to me, unfortunately.

Practicing medicine is not medicating yourself necessarily. Case in point to remember for the coming election:

My landlady’s health recently started deteriorating at an accelerated pace, in that she shared with me that she thought she might have cancer, even though the doctors haven’t found such including the reason for her recent health decline.

Unlike the nurses I have no eye-catching uniform to announce the fact that I smoke the good herb. When I first moved in and for the first few years my consumption was a secret concealed the usual way, incense and lies.

By the time I got my rec, an uneasy truce existed between the landlord because they believed the stigma but enough time had passed so it was no longer a flash point issue. The first time the subject came up with my landlord, I was proud to show him my rec. not being an American, he didn’t view this as some scam on my part so I could smoke weed. I also told him what it helps and he knows I have a book out about marijuana, so the cat’s out of the bag.

When the landlady told me of her cancer thoughts I sat down with her and had a heart-to-heart. I told her of RSO and her husband has looked it up on line. The big disclaimer threw him for a loop but that is part of the charm of the culture. It is quite a forest complete with trees.

At present he, his wife, and it would seem their family are trying to sort through this and come, hopefully, to the place where I and all the 420nurses/fans are. To make matters more suspenseful, I have a bottle of solution that is probably RSO but it is a sample and I have no idea of dosage. A planned business trip only adds a time constraint.

420 and out the door nurse with boobage

Today seems more and more to be made for educating those around us, people trapped in the stigma, to break free due to their collapsing health. It is a sad but true commentary that our 420 medical knowledge will be put to use in our own neighborhoods. Like charity, cannabis change is beginning at home, around and with us to keep the brand at the forefront of this legal wave.

Meanwhile 420 on call, to be continued…

PT Rothschild

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