420 & NIBIRU

420 & NIBIRU

The picture inside this story taken Dec 7th in Southern California shows a second sun in the sky. The current presidential drama, the ISIS drama, the refugee drama, even the racial drama, all these things are about to be page 2 news.

It is suggested after you read this article that you quietly begin to stock up bottled water.

That being said, a time is coming that has been whispered about, dreamed about, and preached about for almost two thousand years; but there’s a kicker. All the predictions, prophecies, and projections left out one crucial element that’s in the Bible, cannabis.

420 and books with Bible in middle

What makes readers here and the 420nurses unique is, not all people who use cannabis, even those who appreciate the benefits, credit the mystical side and therefore respect its personage as sacred. This has also been distorted by organized religion. However the idea behind cannabis is an advanced ancient technology that allowed a single night’s anointing oil to burn and create the Jewish holy days of Hanukkah into recorded fact.

When you remove the religion, you are left with both magic, aka divine magic and a planned pattern to a 420 life that is slightly out of beat with the general population. The fact seems to be that whoever built the moon on a metric scale, also enabled the human population through THC receptors, to have a side to life divinely cool but hidden. The planned pattern and divine magic blend when the people using the sacred weed know the connection of compassion through one love for all; after that, it’s thought divine will takes over to keep you safe from disaster.

more chem trail pic early dec 2015 012

In short, cannabis will get you through these times of uncertainty like Nibiru due to both having comparable Biblical natures in being hidden from sight, aka common knowledge, until the end times. Like a mystic mosquito repellant, the kindly nature of a person amplifies protective karma when mixed with cannabis.

We are not different because we smoke weed, but because we also are helped so you know how shit is and because of our belief system. This is our trinity.


PT Rothschild

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