As the political action Pt 2 is being put together regarding 420nursing states outside of California, this alert is for California medical marijuana patients and their nurses.

New state laws signed into being by Jerry Brown basically say to the cities, if you don’t have a MMJ plan in place, then the state will take over, and that includes any revenues made from accessibility for meds.

Now with all the medical reports, the burgeoning cannabis industry concentrated on cannabis ingestion, and of course cultivation, cities with an ounce of progressiveness are moving to act before the March 2016 deadline.

If you and your 420nurses in your area want to affect this limited time effort, make a point of attending your local city council meeting. A quick visit to your town’s website will show city council meeting times and places.

California cities

Attend in 420nurse visible gear [since it’s cold here now] and seek out other patients and activists. If there is a list of subjects and something MMJ isn’t on it, sign up for the 2-3 minutes afforded to off-topic subjects and ask what the plan is, if there is a plan, and make known that patient accessibility is the key issue, not how much each city office is going to make in fees.

Take your business cards with contact info for the patients you meet and info flyers for the officials and innocent bystanders who are probably unaware or still under the influence of the pot stigma.

This is our Carpe Diem moment. Stay lifted.

PT Rothschild

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